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I am in hell.  I’m supposed to be closing on my new house Monday and I’m still fooling around with the mortgage company.  Assholes.  The broker got into a fight with the real estate agent today and I just know that no matter how much money I bring to closing they’re gonna jack me for a few extra thousand dollars.    Do I look like I have a few extra thousand dollars?  As it is I’m going through the couch cushions.

So what does Mr. Rizzuto do at a time like this?  He goes to Atlantic City!  And you guys know what happens when Mr. Rizzuto goes to Atlantic City.  I’ll be thinking about the good times though.  I won’t be thinking about this.

I can’t really begrudge him his trip though, because today was the last day of school.  Mr. Rizzuto has the hardest job in the world, teaching middle school savages in Brooklyn.  Today was Dante’s last day too and he didn’t flunk 4th grade, which is good.  I’ll be taking him to see Wall-E this weekend as a reward for not being a delinquent.  He’s too young for Atlantic City.  Maybe next year.

In any event, I hate gambling.  I don’t understand gambling addicts.  What exactly is the thrill of watching all your money get sucked into a big flashing machine?  You might as well flush it down the toilet.  Of course if he did that I wouldn’t have my alone time.  But I still don’t get it.

So anyway, if you don’t hear from me in the next couple of days you know what’s up.  I’m going to bed and try to forget that Janey moo-ed at my dinner.  I don’t like to be reminded that my dinner used to be a living thing, it kinda kills the mood.




  1. Wall-E is getting mad reviews.

  2. I PayPal’d you ten grand. Is that enough?

  3. I still remember when my son (about 13 at the time) oinked at the table in response to his 10 y/o sister’s question about where do ribs come from! It ruined her dinner and everyone else’s when she started to cry. She has not ever eaten ribs again. That was 13 years ago!

  4. Troy was hot.

    My ex has ben banned from two casinos, Wanda. I feel your pain… I mean anger.

  5. I’m a cannibal. I know where meat comes from. It doesn’t come from the shiny meat counter at your local Kroger. It comes from living things. But, because of my racial background, we have been known to slay buffalo and eat rabbits and squirrels. I will volunteer to eat whatever ribs anyone passes on.

    Maybe Mr. R will hit it big. I’ll pray for him.

  6. Too late. Thanks anyway.

  7. i turn my back for twelve hours and come home to find the directors cut version of troy stuck in the dvd player.
    thanks pan but i was praying to the ac gods allnight but they just wernt listening

  8. Twelve hours is a long time. Just for the record, I was getting ready for work when Mr. Rizzuto got home this morning.

  9. He spent TWELVE hours in AC? Man-o-man, he and Mr. Demonic would be a pair.

  10. I love meat. I couldn’t live without it. I do, however, feel kind of bad when I eat veal, although it’s not because of that lousy Billy Crystal movie — it’s because I saw a picture of a veal calf once and… damn. Well, it wasn’t on the menu tonight anyway.

    (bouncing up and down) Take me to see Wall-E! Take me! Take me! I finished almost all my work…

  11. Hope you enjoyed Wall-E. And good luck on Monday with the house.

  12. I’m not a fan of gambling, or real estate transactions, or Brad Pitt. Showers though…..

    My last day was Thursday, being a teacher I can relate to Mr. R. I have no idea how I got home…

  13. I’m tagging ya, Wanda! FTW! This is a music tag – so it’s something new 🙂
    Check my blob!

  14. Hope the closing goes OK. I don’t know how you could get stuck with unexpected extra costs at the end of the transaction, but maybe good faith estimates are less faithful where you are than they are here. 🙂

  15. Last time I got stuck with an extra $5000. Screw good faith.

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