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I was telling Shawn and Tigereye that I seem to be the only person on the internet who isn’t posting a tribute to George Carlin. I get it, he was funny, he was edgy. He was brilliant and most other comics weren’t fit to shine his shoes. I get it. But I’m sorry, this routine bothered me:

(It’s long, but if you go to about minute 1:30 you’ll see what I’m talking about.)

Yes, context is everything, I get that too. But did the audience? It seems like he was giving them permission to say nigger, and they seemed way to happy about it. I never felt comfortable with George Carlin after this. Sorry.

OK, he was great in Car Wash.



  1. At least it is a change from cute cats with misspelled comments. One of the hardest things about the webnets is personally filtering through the abundance of sameness. I read some good tributes to Carlin and have been trying to avoid the rest, but it isn’t easy. Everybody gets their blog time, I guess, but not my reading time. Its kind of like the ten million “My Monumental PMS” blog entries. You can’t turn around without running into that one or other tired stories. I had the same problem with the Tim Russert eulogies. One of my weaknesses is getting on my political soapbox. But we each have to say what we have to say, I guess.
    I am amazed that Carlin stayed out of trouble for the most part. So many of these topical comedians set themselves on fire (not literally–sorry Richard Pryor) but figuratively, like Richard Pryor did or Lenny Bruce. I think they don’t worry about context so much as trust their gut. Sooner or later, they make a big mistake. Andy Kaufman comes to mind. Sarah Silverman is due any day now. And that Mencia guy is a walking insult to humanity. He isn’t even Hispanic.

  2. Hi Goodfoot!

    Mr. Rizzuto feels the same way about blogs. I think I blogged about it. Hee. I know what you mean about Tim Russert though.

    I loved Richard Pryor with all my heart, all the newer comedians have been recycling his jokes for quite a while now. I liked Andy Kaufman, well, I liked him on Taxi anyway. I wish Sarah Silverman would go away.

    I am very flattered that I get your reading time.

  3. I agree with you Ms. Wanda. I think way too many things are said in the name of comedy and people saying them get away with it. When these people do get away with it, it is giving others permission to keep the lexicon in use.

    I never got into Carlin. I still prefer not to listen to him if I have a choice and if others are listening to him, it tells me something about them.

  4. Now I am bummed out. Stupid audience!
    I’m going to go watch the Orli video now. That will cheer me up.
    He’s funney… he has a calender…he cares bout the envermet.

  5. I suppose, if I thought about it, I could get really worked up over Carlin and Christianity. He did use his soapbox for a lot of good things, though, and everybody screws up sometime.

    But I’m sorry he–and that audience–made you feel bad, Sissy.

  6. Yeah. Damn. I think it’s the audience, myself, but I’d still feel better if he’d laid into them — like after he said “There’s a racist and a bigot on every couch and every living room in this country,” he’d added, “and a bunch of the assholes right out there in front of me, and FUCK YOU.”

  7. I’ll get over it Sissy! It just left a bad taste, know what I mean?

  8. ((Wanda)), I can see why it bothered you. Tigereye is right. I wish he had addressed the stupidity.

  9. I saw that yesterday on HBO. It didn’t sit well with me either.

  10. I wasn’t familiar with that one. I understand why you never felt comfortable with him after this. He, like those who have joined the backlash against “PC” language, doesn’t get that our culture is the context.

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