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Orlando dear, what are you doing?

Am I seriously supposed to believe that you forgot to draw the curtains with all the paps outside waiting to take your picture?  Is this all for my benefit?  Is it because of that joke I made about you and Neil Patrick Harris?  Dude, I was just kidding!  Lighten up!

I’m dangerously close to being disgusted with your behavior.  We can still fark and everything, but I don’t know if I’m going to be as into it as I was before.  Please get a job and stop all this foolishness.  Thank you.

(Who is Oui Oui Orali?  Have we met?)


Poor Orlando is now featured prominently in Le Gay Blog.  Please, please get a job Orly.



    • Daners Isadora a.k.a. Busty St. Clair
    • Posted June 24, 2008 at 10:23 am
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    I just saw Orly’s butt.

    And I’m not happy about it

  1. Daners, join the club.

    Actually, we should really make a club called like that. The meetings would be so much fun.

    I think I’m off to design a logo.

  2. A club called “Playing It Straight”?

  3. No, one that is called “I saw Orly’s butt and I’m not happy about it”. 🙂 I bet we’d have members all over the world.

  4. How’s the logo coming?

  5. I hate to say it, but Orly is terribly underemployed. What’s wrong with that dude? Oh, I know…

  6. Jaded, that’s a swell name for a club. I’ll be the secretary.

  7. Heeheheheheheheeeheee

    I was out all day. I missed all the hiney action! Poo!

  8. I wanna join the Orli buns club too. In hindsight, it might not have been one of his best ideas, but I’m behind his behind 100% He’s been the butt of too many jokes lately. Bottom line — he needs to get his rear end to work.

  9. Bwahahahaha! SadieJo, you are fabulous.

    I wanna be a part of Orlando’s ass club, too. I don’t need to hold a position of power… I can do some canvassing, y’know, spread the word.

  10. Greetings fellow members of ISOB (I saw Orli’s butt).

    I just can’t take reading JJ and the others any more. Your man needs help ASAP, and who better to assist than you all. I know I have a few ideas that might help him out of his PR-driven hell hole, do you have any? Here’s what I think he should start with:

    #1 Buy a new hat. Immediately. He looked beyond cute with that porkpie a couple of years ago (when he was still hott, sigh). My motto is “Never underestimate the value of sexy headgear.” This will divert attention to the other cheeks.

    #2 Bring back the cashmere blue cardy. He may not be able to restore his dignity but at least he can be warm and comfortable on the path to Hasbeenville.

    #3 Do an interview with a semi-serious mag. Open up and spill his guts, own the mistakes and give us a peek into the ravages of his dingho-infected mind. Play the sympathy card, and play it hard. Stick out that lower lip and pout. Puppy dog eyes and a pout can turn the ovaries/gonads of even the hardest critic.

    #4 Keep his pants on til the beer/spliff gut is gone and he’s ready for round 2. Then start unveilling the new and improved Orli one body part at a time like neck, elbow, then ankle, right nipple,etc. (!!!etc!!!)

  11. Yeah…the puppy eyes would get me fo shiz.

  12. I wish I knew how to quit you JJ!

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