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How many times in a person’s life can she be tagged?  Don’t you guys already know everything about me?  Oy.

Janers didn’t leave any instructions so I just copied her questions.

What was I doing 10 years ago?

10 years ago I was about to give birth to my first, Dante (7/8/98).  I had complications so I spent the week before in the hospital.  Worst July 4th weekend ever.


What are 5 (non work) things on my to do list for today?

Well, since I’m leaving this job in a few weeks pretty much everything is non-work related.  But OK…eat, sleep, watch TV…is that 5 things yet?


What are my favorite snacks?

All of them.


What five things would I do if I were a billionaire?

Buy a slightly bigger house, but a brownstone in NYC, pay off debts, buy stuff for family members, travel


Where have I lived?

Queens, Manhattan, Baton Rouge, LA, Bridgeton, NJ, Staten Island


What jobs have I had?

Receptionist in a recording studio, various retail jobs, soul-crushing office work


Which bloggers/friends would I like to know more about?

Sorry, everyone’s been tagged already.




  1. That post must’ve taken you all night, Wanda. Various retail jobs FTW!

  2. Hey, I’m the hardest working woman in show bidness!

  3. Sorry I think I was supposed to comment leave a comment with the instructions – I just copied Jen’s questions 2.

    Office work is soul-crushing? Oh crap there goes my life.

  4. Hey, man, don’t knock office work — it ain’t retail!

    I can only imagine the culture shock of Baton Rouge after Manhattan. You must have felt like you’d wandered into an episode of Green Acres.

  5. I haven’t been tagged, but I’ve been known to hunt down and eat people who try to tag me.

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