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Hey!  WTF?  Wasn’t someone supposed to be on suicide watch?  Joders!

Orly, listen to me.  You have so much to live for.  Things will get better, you’ll find a job soon.  I hear Celebracadabra is casting for next season, why don’t you sent them a headshot? 

And forget about that dingo, didn’t we all tell you she was no good?  Why didn’t you listen?  We still loves you Orly!  The world is full of fat chicks like me who’ll give you a whole lotta lovin!

(If anybody out there is near Grand Canaria please get out there before it’s too late!)



  1. Orli, listen to Wanda. We all told you that the dingo was going to ruin you, didn’t we? But did you listen? No!

    Come now, Orlando. This is no way to end it.

  2. Don’t worry. He’s got me on the other end of the phone. As the member of your entourage I felt it’s my duty to cheer him up. Look at him smile!

  3. Calm down, Wanda. I’m scaling the side of the building as I type this into my blackberry… “Don’t do it, Orlando! But if you must, push the dingo over first!”

  4. Gawd, Wanda. If you can’t save him, who can?

  5. I dunno Pan. Anners could try a little harder I think.

  6. If his fish dinner goes begging after he jumps I dibs it.

  7. Can you only think of food at a time like this LFC?

  8. Celebracadablahblah! Oooh! Do you think Orly would really have a chance on dat show?!

  9. He should hold that phone up to his oui oui so we could have a direct convo with his brain. Stupid ass dingho follower.

  10. SadieJo, ROTFLOL!!!

  11. Your official researcher is going on vacation and is headed to Europe for a few weeks. I won’t be near Gran Canaria but– should I run into Orlando while in the UK or some other country–I’ll try to stop him from doing anything drastic (and send him everyone’s love).

  12. I’m jealous Vy! What if I need some research done while you’re gone? Eh, it can wait.

    Have a great time!

  13. SadieJo FTW!!!

  14. In the buff direct from Spain….

    Perhaps frontal, damn towel

  15. D’oh! Thanks, uh, Oui Oui Orali.

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