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I read a pretty interesting article not so long ago. OK, it was a few weeks back but I’m just getting around to writing about it. Excuse me for living.

The article was written by a 20-something writer who (says she) regrets writing about some of the things she shared on her personal blog and elsewhere on the internet.  In the end many commenters decided that she was a narcissistic, talentless hipster.  Still, I found it intriguing in some respects.

What got me to thinking the most was the part in the beginning when she describes her boyfriend’s reaction to some of her posts.  I must say that I’ve found myself in the same situation once or twice, where I’ve written something that I thought was perfectly benign but Mr. Rizzuto had different ideas.  Actually, Mr. Rizzuto thinks all bloggers are narcissistic, talentless hipsters.  I tell him he doesn’t understand my art. 

After reading and thinking about it I took stock of what I blog about and, more importantly, what I leave out.  I never blog about work, that’s for dang sure.  I don’t blog about my sex life, except when Orlando is involved.  (I don’t know if you guys know this though, but most of that stuff is made up.  OK, all of it.  Sorry to disappoint.)  You don’t know my real name, Mr. Rizzuto’s real name or my kids names.  You’ve never seen my picture, except for my ass, which is not a very accurate representation.  I wrote about a co-worker once, but I set it to private because I felt guilty.  You do know about Puppy Rizzuto’s medical issues, but I don’t think she has a problem with me talking about that.

I guess I feel pretty comfortable that not much of this stuff will come back to bite me in the ass.  To me blogging is really just a writing exercise, not much more.  That makes me cool, right?  They’re already talking about this chica getting a movie deal.  Where’s my movie deal? 

Seriously though, I’m a little worried that the fact that I blog at all makes me a self-absorbed asshole.  I wonder if any other bloggers feel like self-absorbed assholes?  Well?  Do ya?  Discuss.



  1. i would have used “trendoid” rather than “hipster”.present company excluded of course.

  2. I work in customer service, and have the zoo and husband at home. I need someplace to be a self-absorbed asshole. 😉

  3. I’m fairly mortified that I have a blog, actually. Because it’s narcissism par excellence.

    But, fuck it. We’re all narcissists. Embrace, move on.

  4. Wanda, I started reading that article but I only got part way through the 2nd page. It was as boring as hell. How can she be getting a movie deal?

    You deserve a movie deal. You’re way funnier and far more entertaining.

    Are people who write in journals narcissists too? Some people view their blogs as a journal, they’ve just embraced technology and are chronicling everything online rather than in a diary.

    And if this makes me a self absorbed asshole, so be it.

  5. Self-absorbed asshole? You mean, ME?

    I guess you could refer to bloggers as that. You have to have a fairly high opinion of yourself to put anything up online, and to use your real name (! You know what that is for), you have to be fairly comfortable with yourself, and yes, a little self-absorbed. But really, Wanda, bloggers are also people who open a window into their lives for you to catch a glimpse of. You don’t have to like what they are writing.

    Hmm… You’re right about your movie deal. You should have one too. But this obsession (I mean fixation. I mean online stalking? No.) about Orlando has given me so many ideas, I can’t put them into words fast enough. Maybe I will be the one to get the movie deal? 🙂

  6. I am not only self-absorbed, but I’m also completely bonkers. Ah, well…

  7. Am I only one who uses my real name? Ali-ers Von Trott is my real name. haha

    I haven’t read the chickie’s blog yet. But I will get around to it… I’m too busy being a self-absorbed arsehole 🙂

  8. I think PETA will take up the cause of Puppy Rizzuto and you divulging her medical issues. A definite invasion of privacy.

  9. I’m pretty damn self-absorbed, but I know the trendoid type — like that supposed 18-year-old who thinks she’s going to Make a Difference by dissing Obama and supporting Hillary’s suspended campaign, but she wants to do it while removing any comments except “what a wonderful post from someone so young!!!!!!!!!” and other craptastic exercises in narcissism.

    Eh. I’m in a mood today. But no, this is definitely cool. And I’m with y’all — this is where I flex the muscles, not where I write or keep a diary. My Den is like my situps and running. I do them to keep in shape — it’s just the writing part of my brain that’s being worked instead of my legs and abs.

    BTW, if I ever write about my fantastic affair with Colin Farrell? It’s ALL TRUE, BABY.

  10. *licks shoulder placidly* I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  11. We each blog for different reasons. As long as we’re comfortable with our reason, it doesn’t matter what others think or say.

    Self-absorbed? I don’t think so.

  12. I’m down with Corina.

    Besides how can I be narcissistic when I hate myself and my reflection?


  13. Yeah I feel narcissistic about it all. People have to hear my opinions or else.

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