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Today is Daners’ birfday and I’m late to the party as usual.  Daners has already gotten everything she wanted, Russell Crowe, Keifer Sutherland, even a nekkid picture of Daniel Craig.  So what do you give the girl who has everything?  This, of course:

Have an Ab Fab birfday, sweetie dahling! 



  1. Happy Birthday to YOOOOOOUUUUU….

    • Daners Isadora a.k.a. Busty St. Clair
    • Posted June 16, 2008 at 11:48 am
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    Ah, I had a night like that overseas once. Memories!!

    Thanks Wanda, my dear, and Pandemonic!

  2. Oh Lord. I’ve done this. I vaguely remember wearing 4-inch heels I left overnight on the front porch, and it was August in SC and I had no central air, so I lay down naked on the kitchen linoleum to cool off. And that is how the cat found me the next morning when he nosed me awake to feed him.

    May your birthday be that much fun but without the hangover, Daners!

  3. Haha Awesome! I ♥ Ab Fab

    Happy Birfday again Daners!

  4. Happy Birthday you bastard in a basket… yeah this is late but I already wished you great things for your anniversary…

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