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…I’ve been a little bitchy lately.  Or so it would seem from my latest posts and comments I’ve left around the internets.  Let’s just say I’m not myself these days, K?

Here, have some Amy Winehouse for your troubles.



  1. I’m not myself these days either, Wanda.

    You should listen to Interpol.


  2. Let me go out on a limb and say I don’t get the entire Amy Winehouse thing. *dodges tomatoes* I think she is a sad, self-destructive human being and watching her is like watching a train wreck. At least with the self-destructive drug addicts of old, like Janis or Jimi, you didn’t really get that they were druggies and drunks on the fast track to eternity, at least, not until they were dead. Heck, even Jimi played American Bandstand!

  3. She is a sad, self-destructive person Pan, but her music is brilliant. Unlike any of these other so-called pop stars out there these days she writes all of her own stuff. She has a great voice too, at least I think she does. Play the video again, just close your eyes.

  4. Ya, I’ve been leaving snarky comments as of late. Must be something in the air….

  5. *bumps Wanda’s ankles affectionately*

  6. I haven’t noticed any new bitchyness.
    (ducking and running) 🙂

  7. If bitchy means we get some Amy Winehouse, stay bitchy! I was just listening to her while playing ’round the net. I love her music — but I really hope she doesn’t become Janis Joplin…

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