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So now Geraldine Ferraro saysshe may not vote for Barack Obama because he’s a “sexist.”   Hillary Clinton is a victim of sexism, which is why she won’t win the nomination.  She’s not the only one, there are scores of women who are so pissed off that Clinton is about to have the nomination “stolen” from her that they’re beginning to mobilize.  I have a few words for these women.

First of all, what?  Are you serious?  Do you seriously believe that Obama is a sexist?  I’ll admit that I don’t know the man.  I suppose there’s a small possibility that he has a few sexist tendencies, although I doubt it.  But do you not see the irony here?  You’re going to vote for a pro-life Republican because Obama might be a sexist?  That’s worse than ironic, that’s stupid.

OK, maybe you’re not going to vote for McCain, maybe you’re going to stay home.  That’s just as bad.  Please get over yourselves.

Look, I’m a black woman, and a feminist at that.  I’ve been a victim of racism and sexism.  As a black feminist, I know I’m supposed to keep my little mouth shut and support my “sisters” against the evil penis, but guess what?  I won’t do it. 

Let’s imagine for a minute Clinton loses among the delegates and loses the popular vote.  Let’s say the superdelegates give her the nomination anyway.  That would be unfair.  Would I be pissed off?  Yes.  Would I stay home on election day, or worse, vote Republican?  I’d be tempted, but in the end I’d hold my nose and pull the lever for Clinton.  Why?  Because I’m not an asshole.

Let’s face it, if Obama lost the nomination and I went around crying with the “it’s because he’s black” nonsense, these same women would be calling me every name in the book.  They’d be telling me to turn in my vagina.  They’d suddenly remember what having a conservative in the White House is going to do for women’s rights.  Get over yourselves, please.  If you don’t want to vote for Obama, fine.  Just please let it be because you really think McCain would make a better president, not because you’re a whining crybaby.

The good news is, there are still some sensible people out there.  You can read about them here.

Oh, and Ms. Ferraro?  YOU AIN’T FROM QUEENS NO MO’!




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    • Posted May 27, 2008 at 4:52 pm
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    Wait, seriously, why all of the sudden is Obama sexist?

    *Giggle* evil penis

  1. I saw you linked to my site, The Hillary 1000. We are a group blog and are not representative of women that don’t plan to vote for Obama. We are however, representative of women outraged by the sexism Clinton has faced, which is a separate issue from how individuals will cast their votes in the fall.

    I’d appreciate it if you could take a look around the site and find a more specific link to support your post; we do provide information on protest actions for outraged Clinton supporters, but the only position we have firmly taken on general election voting is to NOT protest vote for McCain.


    PS: There’s also video, analysis and links at The Hillary 1000 on the sexism specifically coming from the Obama campaign, vs. from the media, party apparatus, or public, more generally.

  2. OK.

  3. I don’t think Mr. Rizzuto would agree to your turning in your vagina…. I hope the other dire-sounding scenarios won’t come to pass either.

  4. Hillary1000,

    I’m back from your site.

    First, I don’t want you to think I didn’t read before I linked. I did read the first time, but I just went back and read a little more. At least I didn’t say you were “revving (your) engines like wild-eyed NASCAR drivers on a Sunday afternoon at Talladega” (see the link above.)

    Anyway, I stand behing my original points. While you advise against voting for McCain, you do encourage voters to stay home, write-in Clinton, or vote for an alternative candidate (I suppose you don’t remember what happened the last time a few renegades voted for Ralph Nader?). Sorry, that doesn’t cut it as far as I’m concerned. You might as well hand McCain the presidency now and save us all the trouble.

    I understand how you feel, that sexism has play a huge role in costing Sen. Clinton the nomination, but one could say the same thing about the thinly veiled racism that has come out of her camp. At the end of the day, I’ll still support Clinton if she wins the nomination, and that’s the difference between us.

    Thanks for stopping by anyway.

  5. Hi Aniko!

  6. You dumb ass Hillary people! Seriously, get over yourselves. Hillary’s so low she needs a step ladder to slip into her shoes.

    Don’t cry to to the world about sexism and misogny now that she’s probably going to lose. When did this sexism develop, by the way? Because last time I checked she’s been campaigning for quite a while and this is the first I’ve heard of it.

    And please: give me one reason why staying home and not voting (or voting and writing in some GD candidate) is going to helpful for anyone but John McCain? By the way, he’s going to finish running this cuntry (typo, but I’m keeping it) into the ditch?

    I used to love Hillary up until she revealed herself. It has nothing to do with how she was portrayed in the media. I’ve seen the way she conducts herself and it’s appalling.

    If she so happens to miraculously win the nomination, I’ll vote for her because I’m not completely stupid.

  7. There’s no denying that The Hillary 1000 has become an outlet for Clinton supporters angry over this election, incl. at the sexism coming from the Obama campaign, and elsewhere.

    Myself and my fellow bloggers are angry, but it’s disingenuous for you to cite the blog generally as evidence of “scores of women…beginning to mobilize” against Obama. I really think you should not generalize and respect my clarifications about my website as one of many Clinton sites where different voters with different preferences congregate.

    What we advocate for those who HAVE ALREADY DECIDED THAT THEY WILL NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA is to consider those alternative options, vs. voting for McCain.

    I manage the blog, and I plan on voting for Obama should Clinton not get the nom. I have spent a lot of time there trying to convince loyal Democrats who have come to really dislike him to vote for him anyway. But if it’s not an option for them because of their current convictions, then I recommend the other options VERSUS VOTING GOP. (In fact I have made the same point as you at H1K, which is that one should only vote for McCain over Obama if they genuinely think he’s better.) This is my strategy rather than referring to my fellow Clinton supporters as “dumb ass” and telling them to “get over [them]selves,” like some of your commenters here.

    H1K traffic exploded in the last week because we were one of the first to link to media coverage of Clinton Supporters Count Too, the network of voters who are threatening to organize against Obama – and both advocates and opponents of such a strategy flocked to the site. One of the reasons there is so much content on H1K about voting options and McCain etc. is because I felt like I needed to strongly discourage pro-GOP mobilization. Yet, I’m also shouted down.

    I’m glad you looked around, but not closely enough, it seems.

  8. OK. Is there sexism involved in the way Hillary’s being treated by the media? Yeah. I think so, disappointed as I am in her. Is there sexism in the way it seems to be OK for every lame-ass comedian on the planet to make the same kind of cracks about her that they made for eight years when Bill was President, to be laughed at by the same losers who still think they’re funny now? Yeah. I think most women don’t even have any idea how screwed we are around here, regardless of who they’re supporting — except the Republican women, who just have something wrong with them and don’t want to see reality for their own reasons.

    Would anything, ANYTHING, keep me from voting for Obama even if I didn’t think he’s the better candidate? NO.

    Are you people crazy?

    Honest to God, if you’re considering staying home or voting for McCain just because Hillary doesn’t get the nomination, you’re not interested in supporting anything she stood for before she let us all down, anyway.

    I had no use for John Kerry, or Michael Dukakis, but did I stay home to make some ridiculous point no one would appreciate? No. I kind of like what few civil rights I have left. And if you don’t like your own rights enough to bother to vote for someone you consider imperfect, what on earth were you doing thinking about being part of the Democratic party anyway?

    As for Obama being “sexist,” that’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard since John McCain explaining why veterans don’t need or want or deserve a better GI Bill. Or women saying it’s a good idea not to vote.

  9. (sigh) Geez, Wanda, get me started, why don’t ya?

  10. Wah wah wah, yeah we get your point.

    But the link to your site is still appropriate.

  11. Believe me, Tigereye, Republican women see reality. We just haven’t been given any better choices. All of ours went down the tubes early on, and I’m sorry, but I just can’t vote for someone who stands against most of what I believe in.

  12. (For anyone who doesn’t already know, I’m the token Republican in this little group of friends. 😉 )

  13. Ever see that old tv miniseries, V?

    The scene with the aliens pulling of their fake plastic skin was the writer’s premonition of the H. Clinton campaign.

  14. Women fought hard for the vote! Don’t make their efforts go to waste and not take advantage of your rights.

    I couldn’t really care less who wins – as long as Bush gets the eph out.

    I like Hilary and it would nice to have a woman in the white house but I don’t think America will put one there just yet. I dunno if they are ready for a black pres either – maybe McCain will get in? At least it’s an exciting race (Australia only get middle age white guy contenders).

    But then again Obama is a left-handed and we are destined to take over the world – so maybe he will win.

  15. Every time a lib badmouths hilary, i have an orgasm.

  16. Hi Sean, nice of you to take time out from your busy show to visit. That was a joke.

    From Hillary1000 (from the page “On Protest Voting McCain):

    “Given this is about more than just Clinton’s candidacy, then local activism is an ever better solution than voting for McCain (and the GOP downticket). Take your DNC and party apparatus donations and send them to local NOW chapters, or contact national organizations like Emily’s List and The Barbara Lee Family Foundation to find out how you can do more at the local level. This sends a much stronger signal than a vote for McCain, and a corresponding increase in women-centered, progressive-oriented, and other small-d democratic organizations that promote new voices in our political process will really show the party elite that got us into this mess (given they did nothing after 2000).

    c) We have other options for our votes than McCain or Obama. Depressed turnout by staying home penalizes Obama for those who wish to do so without enabling McCain and the flailing GOP. It also sends a message to a Party expecting to reap major rewards from anointing The Chosen One, as well as demonstrates the legitimate blowback that should follow Obama’s expressed intent to consolidate progressive and democratic politics under his mantle exclusively. Finally, a write-in campaign for Sen. Clinton speaks volumes about who should have been the Democratic nominee. Both of these choices – abstaining from voting for a Presidential candidate or writing in Sen. Clinton (depending on state-by-state voting rules) – punish those you wish to punish without rewarding the GOP for doing nothing to earn our support. Not supporting Obama/DNC does not mean you have to support McCain/GOP.”

    Not to mention your sidebar titled “Obama Messiah Watch.”

    And btw, I noticed that at least one of your pages has upwards of 300 comments. I couldn’t get close to that on my best day, ergo the “scores of women.”

    Have a great day Hilliary1000.

  17. ” Hillary’s so low she needs a step ladder to slip into her shoes”


  18. Obama sexist? Two words: Michelle Obama.

    Sexist men don’t usually hook up with alpha females like Michelle Obama.

  19. Go away, hannity.

    Hillary1000, I get what you’re saying — you/your blog are not actually mobilizing women to stay home. Okay. But you are failing to point out to readers that staying home to penalize Obama and/or the Democratic party puts us at risk for electing McCain as President — which is Wanda’s point.

    Staying home or voting for an alternate candidate is a lot more than just a symbolic protest — it might lose us the election. It might result in nothing being done about climate change (and yes, we do need to do something about it within the next 4 years). It might result in ongoing or additional war. As tigereye points out, it might result in the loss of civil rights.

    We have to be clear about this, and ask Clinton supporters, “Is this what you really want?”

    And then, if they’re still determined NOT to vote for Obama, fine, but at least we’ve done all we can to make the choice clear.

  20. Why do peoples hate Hilary so much? (I don’t follow the election).

  21. im so glad you asked janners.peoples hate her(power hungry) because i have (clintonistas)made it the singular focus (shes a liar)of my career(clinton political machine)to bring down the clintons. i have planted those negative (pantsuit) feelings into the brains (elitist) of everyone on this thread(cant control her man). i am reponsible for libs turning so easily and quickly on the clintons. i own them.

    i win.

  22. me too

  23. You know what’s funny? Rush Limbah (sic) and Sean Hannity have the same e-mail address.

    If they don’t go away I might post it.

  24. “The scene with the aliens pulling of their fake plastic skin was the writer’s premonition of the H. Clinton campaign.”



  25. I always wanted a sock puppet of my very own.


    OK Mr. Rizzuto, you got me. Congratulations. Go back to work now. Sheesh.

  27. Sean Hannity and Rush Limba(ug)h are Mr. Rizzuto?


  28. Oh, brother.

  29. See what I have to put up with?

  30. If feminism is about freeing yourself and choosing your own path, then its anti-feminist to be told you have to vote for a woman because she is a woman. Aren’t you liberatyed now to make your own decision?

    I always found it ironic…

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