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Daners tagged me.  Thanks Daners.  Much love.  I’ve done this about a million times on several different fourms, but I guess I’ll play again.  There must be something you guys don’t know about me.  I won’t be tagging anyone else though, but please do write some interesting things about yourself if you want to.

  1. Once when I was in college I spent a summer in Colorado City, AZ on an archeological dig.  Colorado City is the town where all the polygamous Mormons live.  I think the media is giving them a bad rap in some ways, they weren’t nearly the freaks the press is making them out to be.
  2. I’m a very picky eater.  For example, I hate cooked carrots but I’ll eat them raw.
  3. I’m a conjoined triplet.  My other thirds are a Little Fluffy Cat and a Little Person.  OK, I’ve never really met either of them, but such is the nature of internet relationships.
  4. I have met two internet friends, Daners and Shadodottir.
  5. I’ve been with Mr. Rizzuto for 13 years, married for 11.  As much as I joke about him (and as much as I joke about wanting to fark Orlando) I couldn’t imagine not being married to him.  I’m pretty sure we’ll be together until one of us drops dead.
  6. Nevertheless, I’ve recently decided that, despite the obvious health risks to everyone involved, I’d let Mr. Rizzuto fark Amy Winehouse.  Because she’s awesome.
  7. Sometimes my kids gang up on me.
  8. Sometimes I worry about my parenting skills.
  9. I’m (distantly) related to this guy.
  10. When I was 8 my brother and I were on Wonderama.  I got to play the snake can game and I won a Bugs Bunny tape recorder.  And yes, I did get a goodie bag with an Oral B toothbrush, Lenders bagels and a pack of Fruit Stripe gum.

 Here’s a video of the snake can game. It’s kinda long, so don’t feel obligated to watch the whole thing.



  1. Love the cherry tree question — he assumes being tiny means clueless, eh?

  2. Wow. Roberson. I stand in awe.

  3. Love you Sissy! 🙂

    • Bunny Dixonjugs Is Daners' Bond Girl Name
    • Posted May 22, 2008 at 9:55 am
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    Aw on number 5!!

    Amy WInehouse!!!!!!

    You’re welcome Wanda! And danke fro playing along 😉

  4. Paul Robeson was da bomb! Love him, love him.

  5. Yay – you did get an Oral B! 🙂 Not the one you hope tho’ 😦

  6. I meant not the one you are hoping for tho’ I suck @ typin’

  7. Only 2 internet friends?

    I want to find my own Mr Rizzuto – even tho the idea of staying with someone forever currently freaks me out.

  8. I think you’re a wonderful mom!

  9. You rock.

  10. You’re awesome, Wanda. 😀

  11. I only eat raw carrots, too. I have been with my person for 13 years (married 11 this July).
    Most excellent distant relative. I did not realize you were a child star.
    I recently posted a weird fact about myself and then took it down in a dither of sleep deprived embarrassment. No video forthcoming.

  12. Aw, shucks guys.

    Ivy, only one weird fact? Come on, we’re all friends here!

  13. Conjoined triplet power!!!

  14. 🙂

    If it weren’t for weird facts I’d have no facts at all.

  15. I’ll eat the cooked carrots (as long as there’s plenty of other stuff to mix them up with) and you can have the raw ones.

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