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Earlier Anners said she was going to stop by Deadpan and see what new stuff I was up to.  I didn’t know how to tell her that I hadn’t posted anything in a couple of days and I felt like a total slacker.

Don’t hate me for not posting.  At the moment I’m going through two (2) major life events which I would be thrilled to share with you…eventually.  Right now it’s just all giving me agita.

Actually, the agita might not be stress related.  Yesterday I went to a friend’s daughter’s first communion and I think I might have eaten a bad shrimp or something.  The first communion was nice though, it brought back some memories of my own first communion back in the Stone Age.  Then I got to feeling guilty that I don’t really go to church anymore, and because Dante should have made his first communion by now, but Mr. Rizzuto is a non-believer so that ain’t gonna happen.  And I keep forgetting to baptize Janey.  No, that’s not true.  I just keep putting it off because I’m out of practicing Catholic friends/relatives to be godparents and thinking about it gives me agita.

If you want to know the truth, the last time I went to church (voluntarily) was when I dragged Dante so we could pray for a black pope.  They picked Benedict instead.  You know, the guy who was forced to be in the Hitler Youth.  Like I was forced to eat that Mrs. Smith’s cherry pie the other day.

See ya.

(I tried to upload a pic of my first communion c. 1976 but it didn’t work.  Sorry.)



  1. If you’re a slacker, I’m a deadbeat-blogger. 😉

    I’d love to talk to you sometime about the church thing. Let me know if you’re ever interested.

  2. Mrs. Smith’s pies are delicious…

  3. If you need help locating a Catholic for Janey’s baptism, gimme a yell. We managed to get two out of three kids not just baptised, confessed and communed, but Confirmed! After that, all their sins were stains on their own souls and not mine, right?

  4. OK Shawn.

    Shado, you’re Catholic? I didn’t know.

    Hey Anners, you might have Miranda Kerr visit you on IMDB. I’m working on it.

  5. Ha, we went to first communion the other day for our younger goddaughter. Yes, you can have non-Catholic godparents. Her family was Episcopalian, at that point.

  6. Oh–and the agita thing don’t work. Hang in there… {{{Sissy}}}

  7. Wanders – I am a non-practicing Catholic too! My hubbie doesn’t dig organized religion either. So our daughter hasn’t been baptized – she is six.
    My first communion pics are hidden away somewhere in NJ. I hid them when I was a kid because my veil was crooked and one of my knee socks was sliding down and I just couldn’t be havin’ that! haha

  8. I would ask Mr. R if the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster does first communions and confirmations. It would be fun, people would be dressed as pirates.

  9. Seeing someone else’s First Communion definitely brings a feeling of guilt for all non-practicing Catholics. Believe me, I’ve been to three within the past few years (I’ve got lots of young cousins) and I always leave feeling like the guilt is going to eat me alive. That and embarrassment of being the only one sitting in the pew as everyone else goes up to receive communion is unbearable. I haven’t been to confession in ages so it’s not exactly right for me to trot on up there with the rest of them and pretend to be a good Catholic when as soon as I get in the car I’m swearing like a sailor at the traffic coming out of the parking lot.

  10. Here Sissy, from

    “You won’t find ‘agita’ in most dictionaries, although it is a quintessential Italian-American slang word. Strictly speaking, ‘agita’ is a stomach upset or heartburn. But ‘agita’ can also mean that special kind of existential dyspepsia of the soul you get when absolutely everything goes wrong.”

  11. Cait, this time around the priest, right before communion, reminded everyone that only regular churchgoers were eligible to receive communion, and if you hadn’t been to confession lately kindly stay seated.

    I haven’t been to confession since 1986.

  12. I believe I have burned the photo of my first Communion. That’s what happens when you’re a fallen Catholic.

  13. Hahaha! I’ve never heard of a priest doing that. I actually went to school for a year at the church where the First Communions were, so the priest was familiar with me. But don’t think I didn’t notice the dirty looks he was giving me out of the corner of his eye!

    I did the same thing, Pandemonic. Only I didn’t do it because I’m a fallen Catholic, I did it because I looked like a marshmallow in my communion dress.

  14. Wow, look at all the Catholics! 🙂 I feel left out. I’m Irish — will that do? I’m halfway there.

    I was forced to eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cake Batter last week. It was sheer torture.

  15. I’m gonna come out and say something that will really piss people off (I can’t help myself in these situations).

    I think the pope is a criminal. What is this no contraception crap?! People in are DYING. Aids is taking loved ones, orphaning child and crippling economies and yet they still teach people to believe they will go to hell if they protect themselves.

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