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I took Dante to see Speed Racer today and I found me a new boyfriend. 

His name is Rain.  He’s a Korean actor or model or rapper or something.  I don’t know.  Who cares.  Would you like to see a picture?


Isn’t he cute? And he isn’t all tore up and dating a dingo, which is what I like best about him.

BTW, Speed Racer? Awesome!



  1. But I can’t see him! Picture’s too small.

    And Yay: Orlando’s all mine!

  2. Oh, and that new avatar of yers sure is gorgeous.

  3. What do you mean ‘yay’? You said you didn’t want him anymore. You said he had a 2″ oui oui.

  4. Sorry, I couldn’t find a really good pic. Here’s a link:

    Isn’t he a cutie? And not a dingo around for miles!

  5. Don’t you know I have wild mood swings? And I can work with a 2″ oui oui.

    * Rain’s kinda hot.

  6. Nup, sorry Wanda. He doesn’t do a thing for me. Looks like you’ve got young Rain all to yourself.

    Anners, there’s all sorts of interesting contraptions at the sex shops that will make up for the 2″ oui oui.

    I’ve changed my name from Jodie to Joders, so I suspect I’m going straight to moderation!

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    You know he’s Stephen Colbert’s arch enemy or something and as soon as you said the name Rain, I heard in my head Stephen screaming it all fanatical like. Is that normal?

  7. You, my dear Wanda, are behind the times. I, Asian celebrity expert that I am, have known about Rain for quite some time.

    Yes, he’s an actor, a singer, an all-around handsome dude, chased by ladies all over Asia. (Being famous in Asia means you can be successful at whatever you do. This explains Jackie Chan’s successful music career.)

    Rain will be a better catch than that a washed-up Dingo chaser. I’ll have my people try to track him down for you. Can you fight a few million Korean, Chinese and Japanese women for the pleasure of his company?

  8. Stevo, maybe Wanda wouldn’t have to fight them. Once Rain sees her, he’ll dump all the others for her. I mean he’s not blind, is he?

  9. Ooh, Wanda. You know who might be interesting to look into? Takeshi Kaneshiro. He was in “House of Flying Daggers.” He’s got a sort of Legolas-vibe going on in the film, with the long hair and the bow and arrow. Over on his IMDb board, there’s been an ongoing argument as to whether he and Orlando share a resemblance. Here’s a nice photo:

    Oh, and slightly off-topic…may I be in your entourage too? Perhaps in the position of researcher? I realize that I always seem to be posting links of information whenever I comment on your blog, so that might be appropriate. But if you want to come up with a cooler title, I welcome you to do so.

  10. Vy, that guy is hotness!

    Wanda (and Vy and Joders): You may find this link hilarious. Read the May 7th Entry (and a few after that).

  11. Thanks for the link, Anners! I found the April 29th entry to be particularly clever.

    Where in the world did you find that blog?

  12. Takeshi Kaneshiro is a studly muffin.

    I’m sure Corina is right. As North American males find Asian women attractive and alluring, the converse is true for Asian males.

  13. Oh. My. God. Vy, Takeshi is almost enough to make me divorce Whorelando. And I haven’t been able to say that about anyone in a veeeeery long time.

    Anners, that blog is hilarious. It’s gone straight to my favourites. As far back as Dec 07 she was calling the dingHo a famewhore and a beard. Thank you. I needed a bit of a laugh.

  14. April 29th is one of the best things ever, Vy.

    I found that blog on some Bosworth Messboard months ago. Janers and I simply refer to the broad who runs that site as “The Evil Genius”.

    Very glad I could help you laugh a wee bit, Joders. 🙂

  15. Anners, did you know about this? Apparently “The Evil Genius” (love it) had another, earlier KB blog as well. There’s a little overlap but also some comedic gold in some earlier entries:

    Oh, and I’m glad so many people are finding Takeshi to be a hit! 🙂 He’s gotten some very positive comments from Anners, Joders, and Stevo. Now I just have to wait for Wanda’s verdict.

  16. He’s cute Vy, but Rain and I are still in our honeymoon stage. And you are now my official researcher.

    I’m off to read more of Kate Bosworth’s evil genius.

    (And Stevo, please do put in a good word for me.)

  17. OK, I don’t know who that girl is but I am so totally jealous of her brilliance. Tom Cruise and a turkey baster? Bwaaahaahhhhhaaaaa!!!!!

  18. Oooh, nice choice for a new boyfriend, Wanda. He’s pretty. I’ve gotta say though, I think Takeshi is a wee bit prettier.

  19. Eh, he’s OK. I’ll take the Chairman from “Iron Chef America” anytime, though.

    Dude. You liked Speed Racer? I hope you stopped taking those pills, like the commercial warns you to…

  20. The evil genius is hilarious. Her posts get a bit scary sometimes but the line about Will Turner being dragged down under to David Jones locker had me in stitches.

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