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Who knew I’d have such a tremendous response to my call for an entourage.  Thanks to all who applied.  Your assignments are as follows:

Anners – Publicist

Stevo – Yes Man

Little Fluffy Cat – Pet (I’ll be getting that new collar shortly, thank you for your patience.)

Shadodottir – Theme Song Composer/Performer

Jodie – Hanger-On, Australian Region

Janers – Paparazzo

The Pants – Sycophant and Official Stalker

Quill – Hater

Manager Mom – Life Coach

Jaded – Office Manager

I couldn’t help but notice that Pandemonic, Daners, Johnno and Tigereye didn’t apply for any positions.  It’s OK, you guys can just have my back when I go out clubbing and what not.  We’ll be hanging out here mostly.  (Try the bruchetta, it’s the bomb diggidy!)

Please direct and questions or comments to Anners.  Stay tuned for news about my new fragrance!



  1. Hey, I’m diligently working as your ad-woman. I’ve got an entire file folder on my computer devoted to you, Wanda Baby, and I spent about $50 at Michaels’ for supplies. I mean, Anners can be your publicist, but I’m doing the actual dirty work on the street level, as they say.

    Next on the agenda (once I learn the dance) I’ll be doing a video for you to the tune of Soulja Boy, rapping to Orlando. But let me get this crap off my desk first…

  2. Oh. I’m speechless. Really? You’re gonna rap? It’ll go on YouTube, right?

    I’m heartily sorry Pan. You are the most excellent ad woman ever. Of course, you still won’t tell me what you’re actually doing….

  3. Not fair. I’m absent for a few days and all the good positions are taken!

  4. Sorry Cait! What can I put you down for? Personal assistant? Would you like to desgin my clothing line?

  5. Well, damn, all the things I’m good at are taken. I could be either your makeup artist or your personal shopper, though, or both since you’re fun to hang out with anyway. You like red lipstick, right?…

    • Bunny Dixonjugs Is Daners' Bond Girl Name
    • Posted May 8, 2008 at 8:33 pm
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    Um, hello, security!

    Damn. I didn’t think I had to ask 😉

  6. Yeah…OK. I did think of that. I thought maybe you’d want to get out of the business.

  7. Looks like I should collaborate with Pan — seems like your theme song needs to be part of your ad campaign.

  8. Hee Hee, Quill’s a hater!

    Just a heads up, Wanda: That press release I’m working on will have to wait until next Tuesday to be mass-released over the internetz.

    By the way, how are all of us bytches getting paid?

  9. Ok, my first official duty will be to contact the site administrator of that pizza place and ask them to correct the spelling of the word INTEREST.

    Next I’ll be asking if they can deliver a piping hot Vodka pizza (or whatever it’s called) to Australia. Anything with vodka and I’m there baby!

    For aunthenticity I’ll have to eat the pizza whilst wearing a pair of thongs (flip flops) and wash it down with a good Australian wine followed by a good Australian beer.

    How am I doing as hanger on – Australian region?

  10. Excellent Joders.

    Anners, I had it on my Craigslist ad. You’ll be paid on a contingency basis. Talk to me when I get a book deal.

  11. Personal assistant, most definitely. I shall live to serve, Wanda.

  12. Boss, we’re running out of paper clips!

  13. OK, OK, run out to Staples. Bring me change!

  14. Um, yeah, okay. People are always going on and on about how Quill Gordon is a hater. I hate them for that.

    I love you, though, Wanda.

  15. This is what happens when I get busy. I want to be on the entourage. I didn’t even see the ad!

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