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My excellent friend Stevo played a little trick on me a few days ago.  Stevo changed his web address and neglected to tell me what the new one was.  When I asked him where I could find his new home he told me to go to  Because I’m an idiot, I did.  It took me several days to realize that he was joking.

To get back into my good graces (at least I think that’s what he’s up to) he nominated me for a Blogger’s Choice award.  I’m up for Best Humor Blog.  I realize that I have almost no chance of winning because in the scheme of things I’m a big nobody in the blogosphere.  However, if I could make a decent showing it would be nice.  So vote for me here:

Vote early and vote often!

(Extra special thanks to Stevo for not nominating me for “Most Obnoxious Blogger” or “Worst Blog of All Time.”  “Hottest Mommy Blog” would have been nice though.)



  1. You are a super-hot mommy blogger.

    Forgive my slip up.

  2. Oh yay!

  3. Yay! I will vote for you, Wanda. I have one of those on my blog too… 😉

  4. Ooo! Competition! I’ll vote for you too Sissy!

    (Did anyone nominate Stevo for anything?)

  5. You’ve got my vote, of course.

    Hee hee! !

  6. Wanda: You should nominate one of those thieving bastards that stole your articles for Worst Blog. We could all vote.

  7. I’ll vote for you, Wanda. You are da bomb, even if that FEY dude doesn’t think so.

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