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I was talking to an Hispanic colleague a couple of years ago about how much she hated Jennifer Lopez.  JLo doesn’t have the same experiences that your average Latina woman has, and my colleague, Amy, resented the fact that JLo was held up as the shining example of what Hispanic women are supposed to be.  I should point out that Amy is a very well-educated woman who also happens to be a department head at a large New York City universtiy.  Now there’s a role model.

I’m not Hispanic, but as a woman (and a woman of color at that) I can feel her pain.  And you already know how I feel about the whole “celebrities as role models” nonsense, so I was overjoyed (NOT!) to hear the wonderful news about JLo’s new reality show.

The TLC show is going to chronicle JLo’s struggles to do nothing balance her career and mothering her new twins.  I’m supposed to be impressed with someone who names her kids after a cartoon without even a hint of irony.

Says TLC:  “Jennifer is unbelievably passionate about life and will be an incredible role model for our audience.”

Whatever, chica. 

It’s OK, I’ll say what you’re all thinking.  JLo, you suck.  The guy who wrote that Newsday article is right.  You sell your babies’ pictures to the highest bidder and force your life on an unsuspecting public, yet you’d be the first one to cry about the paps chasing you.  Boo hoo.  Puerto Ricans hate your guts, you wouldn’t set foot on “the block” these days if your life depended on it and you have no talent whatsoever.  You aren’t fit to wear Selena’s spandex.  And by the way, stop acting like it’s perfectly normal and acceptable for women to lose all their baby weight two seconds after they give birth.  It isn’t.

Wait, I take it back.  JLo did entertain me once.  See for yourself:



  1. This is why I only like celebrities that are dead. I don’t have to worry about reading silly stories about them.

    JLo’s head is a big (and as useful as) a helium balloon. Maybe she will float away…

  2. And what a struggle it must be to have bazillions of dollars for doing very little and to be able to afford personal trainers, personal chefs, housekeepers and more importantly multiple nannies to look after your children as you flit from music video set to movie set to where ever the hell else one goes when one is busy being JLo, having a “career” and raising twins.

    What a joke.

  3. Hi Joders!

    Stevo, a very insightful comment indeed. However, I’ve decided to give forgiveness a few more days thought.

    Thank you.

  4. Stevo, the trick is not to read about them. I get all my celebrity news here, it’s working very well for me.

    Wanda, I salute you…but then, that’s nothing new. 😉

  5. You get all your celebrity news here Sissy? You must be grossly misinformed about celebrities! 😛

  6. enough of this celebrity reality show crap.

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