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The Rizzutos are watching Pink Floyd: The Wall. I goaded Dante into watching it. I told him that if he’d never be cool, not really, unless he liked Pink Floyd.

My excellent friend Shadodottir was remarking that since my churdren are now listening to the Bay City Rollers they must be over the Raffi stage.  The truth is, we never listened to Raffi or anything Raffi-like around here.  Dante is a rocker.  I started him off on Yellow Submarine when he was about 6 and he’s been a Beatles fan ever since.  He also loves Elton John, Stevie Wonder, and The Grateful Dead, although that was more Mr. Rizzuto’s doing than mine.  I’m no Deadhead.  Once Dante made me sit in the car and listen to Baba O’Reily in its entirety, which I thought was pretty cool.  He also likes Patsy Cline, which worries me a little bit, but it could be worse.

Yes, I realize these are all dinosaur bands, but I can’t very well have him listening to Puff The Magic Diddy now can I?

Here, have some Pink Floyd.




  1. Hey! If Dante doesn’t learn “Puff” and the other standards, he may face a serious social hurdle in the years ahead. Are you aware that Peter Yarrow is a Cornell alumnus and launched the Cornell Folk Song Society during his student years? Let that be a warning to you. Lord knows, I didn’t necessarily understand what MC Hammer was talking about, but I knew my kids needed to hear it, just to be conversant. (speaking of old…)

  2. No, I didn’t know that about Peter Yarrow. Of course you’re right, how could I forget about Puff The Magic Dragon? (But I was referring to P. Diddy.)

  3. Hey… I kind of liked “Puff!” I was so stupid and out of the loop, I wasn’t aware of what it meant until waaaayyy later.

    I’m such a noodge.

    Pink Floyd is way cool. Congratulations to the young dude.

  4. What’s wrong with Raffi? My kids listened to Raffi and Fred Penner from infancy (they listened to it on cassette tapes when they went to bed, yes from day one) BUT they also listened to everything Beatles from day one in the car or on the Sunday morning “Breakfast With the Beatles” radio show as their dad and mom were/are Beatle-maniacs.

    My kids also know the words to every Beach Boys song and about 3/4 of the RollingStones’ stuff. They know every Santana tune. I can list them forever and ever but I won’t bore you (or make you laugh) any longer.

    I think music, in all its forms, is paramount to a child’s education!

  5. I’m the only kid I know who grew up knowing every song in Elvis’s repertoire and being proud of it, even after he was dead.

    I’m so uncool. I’ve never seen “The Wall.” Or “Song Remains the Same.” I’m sure I’ve seen “Yellow Submarine,” but if I did, it’s gone.

  6. Baby Beluga was a good raffi song.

    Did Dante like The Wall? Was he traumatized? Last time I checked there were naked boobies in there, Wanda.

  7. Tigereye…If I ever meet you, we MUST have an Elvis sing-along!

    Baby Beluga in the deep blue see, You swim so wild and you swim so free…

  8. Anners, we just caught the end with the trial. The cartoons and stuff.

    I shouldn’t tell you this, but after that we watched the South Park movie. Don’t worry, I make him leave the room when Satan and Saddam Hussein are in bed together. But he sings “Kyle’s Mom Is A Big Fat Bitch” in pig latin and it’s very funny.

  9. I saw Raffi, live. It was a kick-ass show. That man knows how to rock.

    Wanda: I apologize for my mambo link and not getting back to you. Very busy at the moment. Would you like me to register the name and give it to you as a gift?

  10. I’m too hurt to answer right now, I’ll get back to you. 😛

  11. You can probably guess from my blog what my kids are listening to right now. Really, though, we’ve had them listening to lots of different kinds of music from the beginning, including the Wiggles, Bon Jovi, Madonna, orchestral music, Christian rock, and more. Never really got into Raffi, though.

    Oh, and we used to watch Buffy and Angel with the kids around when my older two were in the baby/toddler stage.

  12. I once tried to make my mom sit in the car and listen to Baba O’Reily. She liked it better than Frank Zappa’s “Baby Snakes.”

  13. that video scared me.

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