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Hey hey hey!

I’m out for the weekend, but I may check in here and there.  Just so you don’t miss me too much I have a new article on Blogcritics:

Abortion Art:  Higher Education Sinks To A New Low

Also, one of my excellent friends (I won’t say which one) has a new page on Sniplits, so go show her some love, K?

Dante and Janey are digging the hell out of this song these days (as I did when I was their age) so enjoy.  I know it’s cheesy, but you know you love it.



  1. Art. I don’t know what the diagnosis for her condition is but I am sure it isn’t art.

    Woo Hoo Excellent Friend!

    That video made me laugh out loud. Mercy.

  2. *chairdances* S*A*T*U*R, D*A*Y! HEY! I’mmmm rocking out over here, so Dante and Janey are, what, 50? That makes you, hm, 70….

    You are an Excellent Friend to have, Sissy! Have an outrageously awesome weekend!

  3. Tat video was a real reach, Wanda — I’d forgotten the song or the band had ever existed! Look on the bright side: if the tots are rocking to that, you must be finally past the Raffi years — yes?

    Or, there’s always Tom Chapin…

    I noticed one of the musicians was a lefty, but the video was so fuzzy I couldn’t tell if it was bass or guitar.

  4. Tat = that

  5. We are not past the Raffi years, I just don’t encourage it. My kids are all about the Beatles, Elton John and the Grateful Dead.

  6. Pimp away, girl…

  7. Ha! That popped into my head earlier, after I ate a peanut, of all things. I blame that planters commercial.

  8. You know, I can’t remember the Bay City Rollers at all from the ’70s, but I did see the Village People in concert when I was about 8. Yeah, really.

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