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Janey and I went to Central Park today to see if we could find Orlando’s movie set. Here’s how it went.

We searched high and low.


While we looked we decided to go for a ride on the carousel…


…and watch the horses and buggies go by…


…and climb a few rocks…


…and chill in Sheep’s Meadow…


…and have lunch…


…and feed the vermin pigeons.


Alas, Orly was nowhere to be found, and that made us sad.


Sorry guys, we tried.

I can’t spend another day wandering aimlessly about the city, but if anyone wants to investigate and find out where he might be tomorrow let me know and I’ll tell you what leads I have. I can always escape from the office for a few minutes, and it seems like he’s here every other day anyway.

It’s just as well, I didn’t have a t-shirt or Russian literature to give him anyway since this was all done on the fly. I’m thinking about having an Orlando “go bag” for these occasions though, you Bloomies let me know if you want me to include anything.



  1. Perhaps you could hire a sky-writer? Seeing : Orlando! Call me! Love, Wanda, in giant letters in the sky might be easier. Like he doesn’t know who you are.

    • Anners the Sea Hag
    • Posted April 15, 2008 at 10:37 pm
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    Janey is sooooooooooooooooo cute, Wanda. Teensy. Squee!

  2. I’ve been a lurker for a bit, Wanda, and your quest to find Orlando while he’s in New York set me into action. So, I’ve come out of lurk-dom to try and give you any helpful information on Orlando’s whereabouts:

    I took a look at the Just Jared photos of Orlando from today and, with a bit of Googling, it looks like they were shooting nearby Klausner Plumbing & Heating Supply located on
    905 Columbus Avenue (W. 104 & W. 105 Sts). You can see the phone number in the following photo:

    I don’t quite know if he’ll still be there tomorrow though. Let’s just hope he (or some other actor) screwed up so many takes that it necessitated another day at the location. I wish you all the best on your search!

    Love your blog, by the way.

  3. The pictures are adorable! I’m glad you turned your quest into a fun day with the little one.

    I hope someone reads this and lets you know where he is tomorrow! Much luck!

  4. Looks, to me, like you got the sweet end of the deal today anyway. 😉

  5. Janey got to spend the day with her mommy. How much better can it get than that? I’m fairly sure you’d take 100 days with your baby over 36 minutes with Whorly. She is soooooo cute. Almost makes me want one of my own, but not quite.

    Unfortunately, if you are to continue with your quest to stalk, sorry, find Orlando, I’m not going to be any bloody help at all, being that I’m in the southern hemisphere.

    Sorry Wanda.

  6. If I had been at that park I prob would have stolen that child. Orlando isn’t the only one who should be phreaking out.

    She is so cute.

  7. Thanks guys, we did have fun. I haven’t been on the Central Park carousel since I was probably Janey’s age.

    Vy! Thanks for coming out of hiding, I love hearing from readers. I saw that awning too, but I thought it was 95 Colombus Ave, which is around Lincoln Center, but you’re right. I’ll try calling today and see if maybe they’re excpecting any film crews. Thanks a million!

    (Hey, you guys weren’t supposed to notice how cute Janey was, I didn’t post any pics of her face.)

  8. Anyone want to sign up for a class at Golden Bridge Yoga?

    Apparently he and the dingo were there yesterday for 90 minutes of yoga. Maybe I’m in the market for some satya jewlery….

  9. At least while they were doing yoga it meant 90 less minutes for them to be shagging!

    (Um, is there a name in comment #8 that you maybe didn’t mean to put in there? I’ve never heard you call her that before – or am I confused?)

  10. Geez. I think you’re losing your touch. You should have stumbled upon him. That would have been kismet.

  11. D’oh!

  12. You definitely need a go-bag.

  13. Her manner is cute, Wanda. That’s what I meant. And teensy! She’s SO CUTE!!! Hee Hee.

    I want a daughter.

    * Vy is cool beans for sharing those findings with you.

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