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Thank (most of) you for removing my stolen work from your websites.  I appreciate you!

One good thing has come out of this ugly incident…I made a new BFF!  He’s got a cool website about plagiarism that you should check out.  I might come in handy if anyone decides to steal your essence like they did mine.

Speaking of cool links to fab websites, I noticed this one today.  Seems like a sister is having a little trouble on the internets, so I’m just doing my part to show my solidarity.  Preach, sister!

In other news, despite what you may see on those Google ads to your right, Deadpan does not endorse John McCain.  Deadpan has never endorsed any political candidate and does not intend to start now. 

*cough* Obama! *cough*




  1. LOL Can’t picture you as an underground John McCain supporter.

    • Bunny Dixonjugs Is Daners' Bond Girl Name
    • Posted April 9, 2008 at 11:42 am
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    Whoa, Wanda, you have a myspace?

    Oh, and congrats on winning (most of) the war against the thieving bastards! Fight the power!

  2. It looks like you’re endorsing an exposed Barack Obama. At least that what it says on my ad.

  3. You have won a battle, congrats. Don’t stop fighting the war.

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