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On Friday I had a contest where I asked all of you to decipher a song by America.  The winner of the contest and official Deadpan coffee mug is Quill Gordon.  Quill wrote the following essay:

“I dusted off the old hi-fi, set down the stylus and was soon grooving to the mellow sounds of America (don’t tell anyone but, while waiting for proper interpretive conditions to be met, I warmed up with some Bread). As the tunes swirled in my head and I was taken back to another time and place I had a moment of stunning clarity and knew exactly what it all meant as I found myself going down down down to the kitchen, where there was a piece of cherry pie left in the fridge, along with some Ben & Jerry’s vanilla in the freezer.”

You might notice that he didn’t really answer the question (the only one that really came close without making something up was Janers) but I love the fact that he mentioned eating cherry pie in his answer.  I love cherry pie.  Nice touch, Quill.  If you really want that coffee mug shoot me an e-mail with your particulars.



  1. Haha… “Your Particulars”.

    Wanda, that’s not fair. I made an honest effort.

  2. Yes, you certainly did. Next time write something about cherry pie.

  3. !!!

    I am momentarily speechless. Partly at having my carefully researched answer chosen by Wanda (if we ever do hook up for a meal it’s going to be quite the experience!), but I am nearly struck dumb by Anners’ implication that my effort was somehow less than honest.

    (Snatches mug back from Anners and strides indignantly away, carefully protecting his particulars.)

  4. You kids settle down or I’m taking off my belt!

  5. Wanders, you know he’s not puttin’ coffee in that cup, dontcha?

  6. Yeah. I know.

  7. Its made me wonder…

    PS: I want to share information with you that we have project to recovery forest in Indonesia, so i hope you would visit our site and support us.


  8. I wasn’t slighting your achievement, Quill! I swear it!

    Hahahaha @ the little fluffy cat. 🙂

  9. I think Quill’s particulars and Wanda’s mug might be in a bit of a pickle.

  10. I’m lost. I thought it was about the Wizard of Oz.

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