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Fat girl, where is your army?

(My humblest apologies to Public Enemy.)

Kudos to my excellent friend Daners.  She wrote a couple of brilliant posts (which you can read here and here) detailing her struggle with weight issues and why The Skinny Website sucks.  Daners has inspired me and a few of my other excellent friends to openly declare war on the website and everything they stand for.

If you’ve been reading Deadpan for a while you might remember that I wrote my own scathing review of the site a few months back.  I’ll recap in case you don’t want to read it again.  The Skinny Website is devoted to publishing pictures of celebrities who are deemed to be too fat, or alternatively, too skinny.  Visitors are encouraged to, pardon me, weigh in on the pictures.  Oftentimes they do, and the comments can be extremely vicious.  The site also has very strict rules about commenting.  You can say anything you want about fat (or skinny) celebrities, but you may not talk bad about the website or its owner.  Here are the rules:

1. No talking about your own eating disorder unless it relates to the post and celebrity.

2. No talking about purging or starvation. This isn’t a pro-ana site!

3. Try not to attack one another. Disagreement is fine and debate is encouraged, but there is no reason to attack or insult other commenters.

4. Absolutely no racism is allowed. Also, comments that put down an entire country, such as “stupid Americans”, etc etc is considered racism to me and will be deleted.

5. There will be no comments saying that a celebrity looks “gay” or “a lesbian” or “butch”, etc because of their hair or clothing. This can be very insulting to some people and seriously – it’s just plain rude.

6. Do not post links in the body of your comment. The entire comment will be deleted if you do, so there is no point.

7. Try and keep the comment relevant to the post.

8. Last but not least, do not insult me or the website. If you have a problem with either, please email me.

By making a comment, you agree to these rules. If you do not agree with them, do not comment.

People breaking rules 1, 2, 4, 5, and 8 will be immediately banned. People breaking the other rules who continue to do so will be banned after the second or third infraction.

Pretty vile, huh?  Will you help us speak out against the madness?  Here’s how you can help:

Take up arms in the Skinny Wars 

Join us in a full assault on the Skinny Website.  Make as many obnoxious comments as you can.  Rock their world.  Send them into comment moderation hell.  If you succeed in getting banned from the website you can have a shiny new button for your blog like this one:


There are plenty more where that came from!

Spread the word

Write your own blog post about why you think The Skinny Website is an affront to women and everything that is decent.  Tell your friends and have them write a blog post too!

Support the troops

Grab a button here and post it on your website or blog.

Your support is appreciated.  Say no to misogyny.  Fight the power!



  1. Love you! It’s on!

    From now until I’m banned, just call me Dances_In_Underware

  2. Pleased to meet you Dance_In_Underware. My name is Karen Carpenter.

  3. Which one did you post on last night?

  4. Ooops, never mind, I saw it. I commented, too. And on the Kim Kardashian one.

  5. What’s an annoying comment? They all seem pretty annoying to me. The funniest one was the one on Kate Bosworth about being truly scared. That has got to be someone from one of these posts, yours or Daners.

  6. Okay, I’m in. No soy la flaca is finding things to say. Hopefully they are annoying to them.

  7. Wanda, I don’t know why you’d waste your time gracing that raggedy ass web site. I looked, I thought “EWW.” I left, never to return.

    Don’t those people realize that most of the photos are doctored?

    I’ll join the don’t-go-there bandwagon, but I’m not going to comment on that site. Bunch of skinny-ass loving morons!

  8. These are the kind of people who would hide the bag. Do they not realize how many cats it takes to keep a skinny person warm? It’s, it’s…unjust.

  9. I’m in. I’m the Goddess of 1,000 Lipsticks. Ten thousand enemies made online to date, and here’s hoping I’ll make it 10,001 by tonight with those starving fools.

  10. Corina, if you mean the comment made by Senorita Jobag III, that was me.

  11. Are their ads pay per view or pay per click?

    If they’re pay per view then the protest will just have them laughing their way to the bank. If they’re pay per click…then I’m in.

  12. What ABS said, but I will get on the don’t go there bandwagon with Pan.

  13. The whole concept of such a website makes me sick. I’m not sure it’s as bad, though, as those sites where people put up their own photos and get rated for hotness. I just despair of humanity in general.

  14. Do you have any idea how exhausting it is to think of comments that say something, but aren’t enough to get me banned?

    I just wanna go in all guns blazing.

    The majority of the commenters are vapid, annoying, stupid, ignorant, space wasting excuses for homo sapiens who have low self esteem and nothing better to do with their time.

    And what’s all this rubbish like “I’m 5’9″, I weigh 27 pounds and have 42F boobs”? Such a pity their boobs are bigger than their brains!

    Ok, I’m gonna stop now before I bust a valve!

  15. I don’t know ABS. I’m guessing pay-per-click since she’s been known to whine about the cost of keeping up the site.

  16. We are prob gonna get that site a crapload of extra hits but it’s worth it to mess with those phreaks.

    I actually used to go over there to stir trouble a while back. It’s funny coz they get riled up so easily and like to piss people off for some reason (it may be a pathological condition) but they got extra nasty and scared me off.

  17. Extra nasty? Like how?

    Doesn’t matter anyway, I’ve just been leaving comments and I haven’t bothered to see if they responded. I left a few more this morning.

  18. I should be banned momentarily. I broke every rule.

  19. Stevo, you rock. In case I haven’t told you that lately

  20. Woo hoo! I’m on comment moderation baybee!

  21. From Rian, to you me dear

    “Karen Carpenter, you are about to get banned. Nobody but me saw your other asinine comments from earlier…”

    I replied to that, but it didn’t show up! Did I get banned?! Or am I just in moderation?

  22. 😦 it’s on moderation. It must be because I said this:

    “piling on the weight”?

    What sort of brain-dead individual says that?

    OMG, Karen Carpenter is about to get banned?! What could be more asinine than what you’re spewing Rian?

  23. Daners, where? I can’t find it!

    The world is being deprived of my brilliant comments!

  24. Alas, I am beyond moderation. My comments are gone like a puff of smoke as soon as I hit submit.

  25. That is so awesome. You rock Stevo!

    BTW, what did you say?

  26. I broke all the “no no” rules and said something about there being more fat in the site owner’s head than the celebrity’s butt.

  27. I logged in as Mama Cass. I seriously and truly doubt I will pass moderation.

  28. Mama Cass. Why didn’t I think of that?

  29. I was going to go with some an anorexic young thing, but opted for someone they would find truly hideous (though I don’t)

  30. ^ Mama Cass! hahahahahhahahahaha. OMG that’s funny.

    *What post did Karen Carpenter get yelled at? I have to peep that.

  31. The Lauren Conrad one. Like halfway down

  32. Wanda! Why is it not working when I try and add the buttons to my site, yo!

  33. I kind of feel like Pandemonic. I don’t want to go back there. Maybe later, if my stomach settles….

  34. Daners, make sure the code is justified to the right otherwise there will be too many spaces.

    Lazy Bhuddist, I don’t think they’ll find Mama Cass hideous. I think they won’t know who she is. That makes it even more perfect.

  35. Question…Are you all going in from the link above or from some place else? I was going in from the link and now my comments won’t take when I hit submit. My guess is she has blocked everything coming from this page. I’ll try going in from some place else and see if that works.

  36. So Disturbing. I hope they did not benefit from my taking a look. I taught an anorexic girl who suffered cognitive impairment from years of malnourishment.

  37. I know this is an older post, but since I truly hate that lying tramp Rian, I wanted to post here too. I’ve got lows of great dirt on her too. From her affair with a married man about 8-9 years back to the 2 faced views. I also have some great pictures of her if anyone cares to see them.

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