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This weekend I got a ton of hits on my latest Orlando post, even though none of my regular readers seemed to be around much.  What’s up with that? 

I know you’re out there.  I see you on my stat reports.  I know where you live and what your I.P. address is.  The only thing I don’t know is who you are.  Why don’t you want to talk to me?

Mr. Rizzuto says it’s because my comments are too clique-ish.  I’m sorry about that.  Did someone frighten you?  Was it Tigereye?  She’s harmless, I promise.

Here’s the thing.  All of the people who make comments here?  And all the people on my blogroll?  I’ve never met any of them.  OK, I’ve met one person, but we knew each other from the internet first.  The only reason I know any of these people is because one of us decided to speak up.  Now we’re all BFF’s.

Don’t be shy!  Reach out and touch someone!  Whether you’re one of my regular readers or if this is your first time, leave me a comment.  Just please no jokes about Orlando being gay.

Oh wait, he’s cheating on me.  It’s open season on him until he straightens his ass out.  No pun intended.



  1. That underwear girl the little twerp was seen with? She’s probably been in more laps than a napkin but maybe he wasn’t kissing her. Maybe he was just whispering in her mouth?

    Hello, Wanda!

  2. I love it! “Maybe he was just whispering in her mouth!”

  3. I’m working on something for you Wanda. Something that might get Orlando closer to thee.

    Oh, I can testify on a stack of Bibles that I haven’t met Wanda. According to her, if we were to use that photo up there of her ass as a map, we’d never be able to find her…


  4. Whispering in her mouth. Huh.

    Can’t wait to see what it is Pan!

  5. I can promise on that same stack, that we’ve never met face to face. But she’s a steadfast friend, even when she’s pretty sure you need an a** kicking. 😉

    (Open season on Orlando? Honey, do not tempt me.)

  6. Geez — if everyone else feels funny commenting on this one, imagine how *I* feel about it now…

  7. Aww BFFS!!! Wanda, I’m glad we’re pals, even tho you totally set me up with the Orlando rant episode.

    Lurkers: “Come out, come out wherever you are…” I mean how can you not at least comment on that stellar ass up there in the header?

  8. I think I’ve told this story about 27 times now. It’s starting to get old so will all you lurkers pleeeeeeease come out of hiding so I don’t have to tell it again? Pleeeeeeeease?

    I lurked for months before I finally made a comment and now I’ve made some really amazing friends.

    And Wanda has totally put her arse on the line here. You can see it in the header.

  9. Mirando is not a slut – leave her alone bytches.

    What do you mean u know where they live and their IP address? are u saying every site I visit the person that runs it knows where i friggin live? mmm, won’t be leaving any more abusive comments on the skinny website then.

  10. The internet is a wondrous thing. And so are IP tracers. Technology ROCKS!

  11. Awww…don’t be scairt guys! I only use my powers for good!

    Janers, I see your IP address on my stat counter, but I don’t know who’s who. That’s how I know that you and Joders are from (country withheld), but I don’t know which of you is from (city withheld) and which is from (city withheld). In fact, I wouldn’t even know that you guys were from (country withheld) if you hadn’t told me.

  12. At times when you feel like going so Meta, I recommend Meta-mucil.

    You are just like the Presydunt when he says “We need to know what the terrorists are saying when they call us.”

    Stat-counters. sheesh.


  13. Oh no you didn’t compare me to the presydunt!

    (FYI I know Terry already. Any real lurkers out there?)

  14. Hahaha we’re clique-ish.

  15. What’s with the map? It looks like something on the wall at NORAD and there’s a pulsating, glowing thingy that looks like a target hovering over Montpelier. I assume it is supposed to be me but it’s off by good bit so I hope it’s not a target acquisition device. Innocent people and all that, you know.

    (Watch my ISP appear up a lot less now that I know it shows how many times I just stopped by to look at the butt.)

  16. No jokes about Orlando being gay? Way to spoil a good time, Wanda. 😉

  17. Orlando is to gay as Soda is to pop. Booyah.

    * And Janers, no offense, but stop being Miranda Kerr’s apologist. It’s way irritating. Eph her! She’s been starting fires with our boyfriend!

  18. I only lurk under the bed. And it’s hard to get the wireless to work under there. And girl, now that those pictures are big, you’re lookin’ kinda ashy… 😉 Could be my nasty screen, though.

    I hereby swear on a stack of pancakes that I, too, have never met Wanda, despite her being my conjoined triplet! 😀

  19. But lurking is fun.

  20. Well it’s always the girl that get’s called the whore

  21. Jeez, if I was going to scare someone I didn’t intend it to be here.

    I solemnly swear I haven’t been lurking. I’ve been covered in hair dye. Seriously. It’ll be a post one day.

  22. Tigereye is too scary. But it reminds me that I’ve not been lurking there lately either. It is because I have turned into both a turtle and a slug.

    That map thing freaks me out. Then again, I came up with a reason to think it is good. So, I’m inconsistent today. Hah!

    After comment 20, it’s OK to stray from the topic of the post. So, I have a question for you. What’s the deal with those socks that you have on in the picture? I mean, the ankle socks. My sweetie wears them too. I don’t. As far as I can tell, they’re quite popular with young hotties.

  23. Well ABS, I guess I just happened to be wearing them at the time. No prior planning on my part.

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