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Natalie Cole is hating on my girl Amy Winehouse.  She doesn’t think Amy earned her Grammys because she’s a crack ‘ho.  According to Ms. Cole, Amy hasn’t earned them and they shouldn’t be rewarding bad behavior.

I have a news flash for Natalie.  There’s no Grammy category for Most Upstanding Citizen or Most Warm Mild Consumed At Bedtime.  Grammys are awarded (Milli Vanilli notwithstanding) for artistic excellence.  Amy Winehouse might be a co-dependant druggie and she’ll probably be dead soon, but she’s a brilliant musician.  And here’s another news flash.  Lots of great musicians do drugs.  Janis Joplin, anyone?  Billie Holiday?  People still listen to them after all these years.  Besides, everyone knows that once artists get sober they immediately start to suck.  It’s called Aerosmith Syndrome.

You know who else got high and won a Grammy?  Natalie Cole.  Yep.  Sorry, but she kinda reminds me of women who have twelve abortions and suddenly decide they’re pro-life.  They do whatever they want but don’t want anyone else to do the same thing.  Whatever. 

So Natalie?  Don’t hate.  Appreciate.  Congratulate.  Amy Winehouse is a great singer and songwriter.  She’s so great that I thought she was black before I got a good look at her.  There are lots of loser celebrities that should crawl into a hole and die, but she isn’t one of them.  If you don’t believe me just watch this:



  1. Amy is brill. And I love her. Crackhead and all. Blake needs to disappear, tho. And Nat, shut up. Amy rocked it at The Grammys. She looked very nervous singing live, non? I mean, since she was sober (ish) and all

  2. Uh oh. Wanda’s riled up.

    I wonder what Orlando thought of Amy?


  3. Maybe if he’d stop by every now and then we’d know Pan. Oh wait, he did stop by yesterday, but he was really Anners.

    Daners, Blake should crawl into a hole and die.

  4. *mourns her total lack of coolness*

  5. What gave it away, Wanda? The fact that when you clicked Orly’s name it went straight to my blog?

    Natalie Cole needs to go hop in her pink Cadillac and shut the hades up! Yes, that was a stupid, cheesy thing to say! But I just dumped my boyfriend and I can say and do as I damn well please!

    Just kidding.

  6. I am totally unfamiliar with Amy, but I think I agree with you anyway.

  7. Yup, that’s what we need in this world, more crack heads that our younguns will emulate!

  8. Kathleen, didn’t you watch the video?

    LFC, you are the absolute coolest!

  9. Amy may be a hot mess, but damn, that girl can sing. Absolutely right, piss off Natalie Cole!

  10. Amy is really good, Nat needs to hush, after she sucked the money and the dignity out of her fathers estate.
    Joplin, Hendrix, Morrison, Jefferson airplane, etc, etc, music would not be what it was if not for some drugs now and then.

  11. Amy’s so f***ed up, she could be the British Britney, except she’s actually talented as hell. Damn it, the Brits get better everything, don’t they?!

    You’re right, Wanda — she rules. Whatever drugs she’s on, they’re working out OK for her — and Natalie can give the pink Caddy back to Bruce Springsteen, by the way. It was only on loan to her in the first place.

  12. Lol!

    “It’s called Aerosmith Syndrome.”

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