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If I had to guess, I’d say I’ve probably been thrown up on about 75 times this weekend.  Poor Janey has a stomach virus.  She’s been yacking every couple of hours like clockwork since Saturday.  Just when you think there’s nothing left in her stomach…bwaaah!  After she’s gone a few hours without puking and you think she’s out of the woods…bwaaah!  The upside is that after a while there really is nothing left so she mostly just dry heaves.  That’s a good thing when she’s sleeping next to you.

We have it down to a science now.  As soon as she starts heaving we pick her up and point her, well, anywhere, as long as it isn’t toward the laptop.  Mr. Rizzuto insists on giving her Pedialyte even though she can’t hold it down.  His theory is that an electrolyte or two has to end up in her system before she throws it back up again.

Since Janey hasn’t stopped puking even long enough to sleep for a few hours in a row, I’m very tired.  I can’t be mad at her though, because every time she gets sick she holds her arms up to me and says “he’p me Mommy!”  She’s usually Daddy’s little princess, but at times like these I’m the only one she’ll allow near her.  I can’t even let her off my lap without her crying.

I guess I’ll sleep when I’m dead.



  1. Nope, dead is dead. Best to try to nap now.

  2. Poor little Janey. Has she been to the doctor?

  3. Ewww! I’ve been there. Doubtless I will again. My sympathies.

  4. Thanks.

    Yeah, we were at the doctor last week for an unrelated coughing thing. We’re going again tomorrow.

  5. I hope Janey feels better. Poor thing.

  6. Poor Baby! And poor Janey!

    One of the things that distinguishes moms from dads when kids are sick is that dads hold the puking child arm’s length away from them; moms hold the puking child near them, consoling them, even if they get puked on. I think that’s why they know to seek mom and not dad.

    It will pass. Of this I am sure.

  7. My heart bleeds for you. Poor babies, all of you.

    Hmm… I wonder what Orlando would say if he knew…

  8. Having no children,I am not qualified to offer sympathy, empathy or support. Anything I tried along those lines would come off as insincere. The best I can do is refrain from saying something like, “See? That’s why I don’t want babies in the house!” or “The proper way to hold a puking baby is pointed away, with the collar of its tiny T-shirt pinched between thumb and forefinger.”

    I am, however, planning some serious grilled sandwich action this afternoon and you are welcome to join me.

  9. Thanks Quill, I think I’ll pass this time. One puking family member is enough for this household.

  10. Hope she’s feeling better, Wanda, and you’re able to get some rest soon.

  11. After a certain age, sleep becomes the recreational drug everyone seems to want more and more of.

  12. I remember stuff like this from my childhood. If my feelings were hurt, no one but my dad would do; if I was physically sick, it was my mom all the way.

    Poor kid! I hope she’s better soon.

  13. Poor kid. Poor you. I hope things have settled down by now.

    I admire your valor.

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