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It looks like Rudy just lost Florida.  Didn’t anyone ever tell him about putting all his eggs in one basket?  Whose idea was it to bet everything on one state anyway?  Must be the same guy that suggested Bernard Kerick for that Homeland Security job.  Yep.  That guy must be feeling pretty bad right about now.  Maybe he should have said 9/11 a few more times.

I think I speak for all good New Yorkers when I say this:  ha ha ha ha ha!  You suck Rudy.  I liked Times Square the way it was.

Mr. Rizzuto says you’re a cousin-fucker.  I agree with him.

Sing it with me now…na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye!



  1. At least it’s not your HEAD, Wanda…


    • Vicky In The Middle
    • Posted January 30, 2008 at 1:50 pm
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    We in Missouri liked Times Square the way it was, too. I thought his entrance into the race was a bad joke from the beginning. Now he can go home and do whatever ex-nothings do.

  2. Maybe he’ll marry another one of his cousins.

  3. Ave atque vale, Rudy Guiliani…

    *I liked Times Square the way it was, too, even tho I’ve only been there in my dreams.

  4. As I recall, he was detested as Mayor until 9/11 when he suddenly did something right. he was never a national figure — how could he relate to anyplace besides NYC? Even up here in the NYS boondocks he was an alien life form. Not a chance in leading the nation. Sounded like he thought those Fisher Price voting machines in Florida were all he needed.

  5. I was just telling my son yesterday that I feared that Rudy’s giant ego would keep him from (appropriately) giving up. But then he surprised me and did the only sensible thing.

    We’ve been laughing about his Florida predictions since he started them. Sure, Rudy, Florida looooves you.

  6. ha! cousin fucker!
    I think the kicker was when one of his kids supported Obama (well until she started getting slack for it)

  7. You know what’s truly sad? Next to asswarts like Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, Rudy almost looked like a reasonable alternative.

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