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Hey Anners, I found you a new boyfriend.  Now you can leave me and Orli in peace.

(Separated at birth?)




  1. Jeezus Christ! Okay, now I see why you keep levelling the Ted Neeley charge against my boyphriend.

    There is a slight resemblance there… Um, Orlando has better bone structure. And he has dark hair. And thus, your attempt to lead me astray has failed quite miserably!

    Orly’s mine. Same as it ever was.

    * Hahahahhaha! My very own post… yep, somebody feels threatened…

  2. JC is the bomb. But the Stick Man makes a better boyfriend than either of those two. Just saying…

  3. Who asked you Pan.

    I’m just saying Anners, Orli’s Kingdom of Heaven look was totally JCS. He was much hotter in Troy.

  4. If a beard and long hair are all you’re looking for …

  5. Yes Anners, Quill is quite a dashing figure. And if you don’t like him he’s got a friend named Eugene I’m sure he can hook you up with.

  6. I hear what you’re saying, Wanda. Kingdom of Heaven was Orly at 10%, and also boring as Hell. He does need some curl in his hair.

    But, unlike you… I accept him in all of his incarnations. Doesn’t this just reiterate the fact that I’m a way better girlfriend to him than you can ever be?

    Is this going too far? Am I the freak on your blog, nows?

    * A slight beard, longish hair, and a British accent is all I require.

    * A friend named Eugene! That’s quite a nice name, actually. Eugene… well-born…

  7. My dad’s name is Eugene.

    You should totally visit Quill’s blog.

  8. But can Orlando sing?

  9. Thank you for reminding me I was in the Jesus Christ Supastar musical when I was a wee one. The Nightmares are sure to be horrific.

  10. Good question Tigereye.

    But Daners, JCS was the best movie ever!

  11. ^ put down the crack pipe again, sweetie 🙂

  12. Daners, you were in Jesus Christ Supastar as a wee one? But that’s weird.

    Your Dad’s name is Eugene, Wanda? Far out!

    I will totally visit Quill’s blog.

  13. Thanks Pan.

    I remember seeing that guy on stage be that guy. It was quite a good show. I’d have to say Carl Anderson as Judas totally rocked. Well, no. I didn’t have to say it. Or maybe I did. Maybe the universe is deterministic and since I have said it, I had to. I don’t know. Such things are beyond my current knowledge.

    By the way, the thing kinda freaks me out.

  14. You don’t like the map? I like it,it makes me feel closer to you guys.

    It absolutely goes without saying that Carl Anderson rocks. He rocks harder than almost anyone.

    Maybe I’ll put up another video just for you.

  15. Ted Neely (sigh). I wonder whatever happened to him.

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