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Today I thought I’d leave you a few links to some sentimental favorites.  Some of it is my usual stupidity, some are not so stupid.  I’m pretty sure I was off my meds when I wrote one of them.  Anyway, these posts have either gotten mad feedback or are reposted by special request.  Enjoy!

This, and it’s followup, are Mr. Rizzuto’s favorites:


Especially for The Little Fluffy Cat:


Tigereye’s favorite rant:


I like this one.  It just goes to show that I’ll say anything:


You wouldn’t believe how many people find me using this search term:


Don’t forget to go vote for Deadpan in the voting frame at Cool Site of the Day!



  1. You are so great to put up Four Letter Word, I just love it!

  2. My personal favorite is the Magic Mushrooms. Say, can I come and stay with you guys? I have a feeling it would be so hilarious, I would have to bring an extra suitcase for all the changes of clothing I would need for all the times I’d pee my pants laughing.

  3. By the way, your link to the cool site of the day doesn’t work. Can you fix that please?

  4. My favorite is up there and I didn’t even ask! (On Behalf of Black America, I Apologize)

    Off to read my old faves again!

  5. I think it’s the site Pan. I’ll check again later.

  6. I thought I commented on this already but my comment isn’t here! I know I didn’t imagine it!

    Thanks for posting the links to your greatest hits. They really are great and I needed to re-read them!

    And maybe I’m dumb but I cannot figure out where/how to vote! Help!

  7. Okay, I figured it out. You have to register.

  8. The Orlando Chronicles are always a hoot, Wanda — I cannot believe that boy hasn’t looked you up yet!

  9. I think he has! He is probably trying to figure out if Mr. R is big and buff!

  10. Congratulations on being cool. I feel privileged to know someone cool.

    I’ve changed my name yet again. I suppose you can see that.

    I’m pondering attempting to find you via some new and peculiar search.

    I’m tired and have no reason to be. Oh well.

  11. nice site..

  12. So — how do you know the world loves you best, with the voting and all? I mean, we know you rock, Wanda, but are we proving it?

  13. I’ll take as much credit as I can. I have, after all, always known you are awesome. And you have great taste in friends.

  14. I’m hhhhheeeeeeerrrrrreeeee…but I guess I missed all the action. It’s still January 16th here! And I think Wanda is cool every day.

  15. Hi! Some old favs, and a few I haven’t read, thanks.

  16. Four Letter Word gets better the more I read it.

    I voted.

  17. JoJo! Where ya been?

  18. Wanda, have you been messboarding lately? Thought I came across something you wrote on the imdb…

  19. Not lately Anners, I messed with them a few weeks ago and got bored.

    Was it something about Orlando being a Sephardic Jew? That was me.

  20. Wanda, just so you know, I squeed on my new site. And I totally thought of you when I did it. I don’t know if that sounds dirty or not

  21. And your new site would be…where exactly?

  22. I think if you cleeeeeck on my name, it’ll take you to it. If not, it’s towards the end of the comments on my page over at typHos

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