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I have a couple of pictures of Orlando taped to the wall in my office.  A person needs inspiration every now and then, doesn’t she?  The females in the office tend to ooh and aah over him quite a bit, but the men always say the same thing:  he’s gay.

Why does everyone keep saying that?  He is not!

I think they’re just jealous of his excellent bone structure and fabulous hair.  That’s what it is.

Come on, seriously, does the word “homoerotic” come to mind when you see a picture like this?


OK, maybe that’s not the best example.

How about this:


Oh dear.  Hold on a sec.

*rummaging around through my box of pictures*

Well, if this one doesn’t convince you that he’s all man then I just give up:


(OK, why don’t you all just admit that you want to cuddle with Viggo Mortensen too?)

Anyway, if he is gay, I totally respect that.  I wouldn’t try to change him, that would be insulting.  But he could play it straight for a little while, couldn’t he?  I’ve seen that happen in the movies.  All I need is a fifth of Jack Daniels, some duct tape and someone to create a diversion.  Can I get a volunteer?  Anyone?



  1. I’m a straight male and even I’d do Orlando. Damnit, how come I didn’t get such beauty?

  2. Wanda, I’m with you of course! Not GAY, happy!

    GoDog: Thank u for your honesty. Respect.

  3. Wanda, your map is cool ——> I’m the slag from California, and it’s cool watching my location radiating.

  4. Isn’t it though? I had black pins on it before and you couldn’t really see them.

    Hi GoDog, thanks for stopping by!

  5. Get yours and Anners gay boyfriend away from Viggo. Now!

    And this post made me LOL

  6. Whatever Danners. That loving gaze is going in two directions.

  7. What happened to the radiating?

    Ok, that 2nd pic is way gay…

  8. I think the best people to ask if he’s gay is other gay people. They seem to “know”. So the next time some guy says Orlando is gay, just smile and say, “It takes one to know one.”

  9. Darn it, if anyone can change Orlando, you can! But Corina is right. You must ask other gay people if he’s gay. I’ll email some gay people that I know and poll them and get back to you.

  10. I’ll be more than happy to distract Viggo while you kidnap Orlando. Just pass me the duct tape when you’ve finished with it.

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    • Posted December 15, 2007 at 1:37 pm
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    I’m telling.

  11. I think Orlando simply suffers from not yet having the chance to meet you, Wanda. Once he is captivated by your charms, all doubts will be dispelled.

  12. You are so right.

  13. You can still drool. That’s allowed. Just no touching.

  14. BTW, Wanda, that’s not a loving gaze Viggo is giving ur GBF (gay boyfriend). It’s sheer terror. Look at him! His jaw’s clenched, tears are in his eyes, he’s wishing I could come save him…

  15. Uh, OK Danners.

  16. all of them pictures are gayer than Afers, ryan seacrest and elton john put together.

  17. I missed the arse – u r one cheeky lady Wanda (no pun intended).

    I think ur my new hero

  18. Orlando is so not gay he is the hotest guy ever and he would admit if he was gay ilove you orlando babe kiss kiss im CRAZY over orlando!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I dont think anyone could love orlando the way i do not even his girl friend miranda kerr.i dont know how anyone could think he was gay i just love him sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much he is so hot and johnny not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes perfect in every way he cares about everyone and thing

  20. I was happy to read your post on The Orlando Chronicles » Orlando Bloom Is Not Gay (But If He Is I Can Change Him)!.

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