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A few years back I was watching Seinfeld and came to a rather unpleasant realization.

Do you remember the episode where they were filming the pilot?  The guy that auditioned for Kramer’s part came in and allegedly stole a box of raisins.  The whole time George wouldn’t let it go, he just kept asking about the raisins long after everyone else forgot about it.

I realized after watching that episode that George Costanza was my mother.

My mother is now on her way to my house for the annual holiday visit.  It’s not that I won’t appreciate the free babysitting and all, and I know I should spend more time with her since she isn’t exactly young anymore, but…well, you know.

Mr. Rizzuto is bringing her home from the airport right now.  When he called a little while ago he said they were at the baggage claim and she was checking every single suitcase for the tenth time, just to make sure she hadn’t missed hers.

Pray for Wanda.

Oh, and Dad arrives on the 19th.  They can’t travel together, that ought to tell you something.



  1. *Sounds like good times, Wanda! I don’t remember that Seinfeld episode but I did watch the show. KKKramer has since blown it for me, though…

    Anyways, will send up a prayer.

    * What goes on here?

  2. ^ what the hell happened to my asterisked line? Whatevs!

    Oh, and you’re the official Orlando Bloom blogger! That’s quite a distinction. 😉

  3. I hadn’t noticed the word ‘official’. Wow! Cool! I think official things are cool.

    No. That’s not quite right. I think claiming to be official is cool. If you’d kept it secret, I’d have thought you were cool anyway but now I have evidence.

  4. Prayer said.

    She sounds a lot like my husbands mother. She also wants to know every detail of every move we make, twice.

    • the little fluffy cat
    • Posted December 5, 2007 at 11:26 pm
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    Tell her you’re now a conjoined triplet, that ought to take care of the week. If she gets tired, tell her the other two are a Fisher Price toy and a cat. Hang in there, Sissy! I’m betting on you!

  5. I never watched Sienfeld, however I am pretty sure I get what you’re talking about! Good luck while they visit. And have a great time on your weekend away!

  6. Thanks!

    Check my “about” page for an explanation on my “official” status.

  7. I’m so sorry. George Costanza? Oh my. I should send you a box of Godiva with my deepest condolences.

  8. Pan, gladly accepts Godiva.

  9. haha hope mum has fun

    costanza isnt ur dad ur jus joking right? hehe!

  10. Just the idea of my mom staying at my house made my blood pressure jump a notch or two…

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