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Earlier this week Kevin DuBrow, lead singer of 80’s metal band Quiet Riot, was found dead in his home.  I guess you could say part of my misspent youth died with him.

You see friends, back in the day this slightly overweight mom of two was a card-carrying headbanger.  Yes, I had big tri-colored hair!  Yes, they all thought I was a suicidal freak!  Yes, I saw the inside of Motley Crue’s tour bus!  (Nothing happened.)

So here is my small, yet heartfelt tribute to Mr. DuBrow and Quiet Riot.  Cum on, feel the noize.  And girls, by all means, rock your boyz.

Editorial note:  you might have been expecting Cum On Feel The Noize, or perhaps Metal Health.  This video’s better though because it’s mad cheesy and it’s after Kevin’s hair transplant.



  1. You wild thing.

    Glad you survived…surprised I did.

  2. You too Ivy?

  3. I remember some of it.
    I am glad video cameras were not as common then. (Not that there aren’t a few videos).

  4. I’m so old. I know the song you spoke of, but that’s it. I’m sorry, but I did stop here to read you.

  5. We’ll get wild, wild, wild!

  6. Ah the good old head banger days. I had the big (permed to death) hair and the large comb in the back pocket of my designer jeans.

    I wasn’t a big follower of Quiet Riot…I was more of a Triumph girl…ever heard of them? Their lead singer – Rik Emmett – was HOT HOT HOT. In fact, I think I’ll ask for my favorite Triumph album (yes I used the word album) Allied Forces in CD form this christmas.

    Thanks for the rockin’ tour of memory lane.

  7. Wanda! You wuzz a headbanger? But that’s exciting… I was not a headbanger but I was one of the few creole girls at my high school to hang out with people who listened to The Cure… and looked like they listened to The Cure!


    * I am sorry to hear about the death of your misspent youth.

    ^ And no offense, but this video was tedious! 😉

  8. Patti Smith!
    Dead can Dance!

  9. Tedious Anners? Well, really!

    Wenderina, I do remember Triumph. How scary is that?

    Oh, and Suzy? Quiet Riot was popular like 25 years ago. You can’t possibly be that old.

  10. Shout has been outed.

  11. Hey, how’d you do that?

  12. The autocomment in #10? That happened after I put a link in my blog posting back to this article.

  13. I’m glad I survived, and I’m glad I’m not dead.

  14. Wow, this goes back to the days when MTV played music videos.
    I saw Quiet Riot when they were on the Metal Health tour.
    I wore out an 8-track of “allied forces”

  15. Sorry, I was knee deep in diapers in the 80’s. I know not of what you speak.

  16. *sigh*
    Never heard of Quiet Riot, as I was — like Corina — distracted by children too young to appreciate such bands/music. I still feel sorry the band is silenced.

    If I had a misspent youth, it was probably to the soundtrack of Alice Cooper’s first incarnation and The Raspberries.

  17. Alice Cooper, now you’re talking.

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