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This morning I fell down the stairs and busted my ass.  I was holding the baby at the time, but she’s OK.  I wish I could tell you that this is the first time I fell down while holding the baby, but it isn’t.

It’s Mr. Rizzuto’s fault.  He’s sanding the floor on the upstairs landing and left a plastic tarp on the floor.  A very slippery plastic tarp.  I guess I should have known to be careful because about an hour before I went down the dog fell down the stairs and busted her ass.  She’s OK.

I think I might have messed up my coccyx.  Like Grandma did in Napoleon Dynamite.  I took some of Mr. Rizzuto’s back pills though so it doesn’t feel that bad at the moment.  I can’t really sit down for too long though.  That’s the point of this post.  If I’m not around, you’ll know why.

The worst part is that I had to call my brother and tell him why I couldn’t go to the movies today and he laughed at me for about fifteen minutes.

I have to go now, my ass hurts.



  1. Oooo! I like this new look!

    Sorry about your bum. My bum is feeling fine and after this comment, I don’t think I’ll have to sit for the rest of the day. So, perhaps we should just trade bums for the day. I’m not sure that’s possible and I don’t think you’d look as good with my bum. I thought it was worth suggesting anyway. I’ll leave the logistics to you.

  2. Ouch! That does hurt. Been there. Bad news is if you did break it, it doesn’t heal. It gets better but it will always hurt.

    Find a good pillow to sit on. Work should be lovely this week!

    • the little fluffy cat
    • Posted November 11, 2007 at 4:02 pm
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    OWIE! This reminds me of when I fell on black ice in the Kmart parking lot carrying the munchkin. Thank heaven you and the baby are okay! I think you SHOULD change bums with Bobby, that would teach Mr Rizzuto be careful with his tarps. *large and evil grin*

  3. The Little Fluffy Cat makes sense.

  4. Bad, bad, Mr. Rizzuto. At least he had medication to help you.

    I fell down some stairs at a party (I was sober, and had only just arrived) and broke my ass bone. The ER exam was similar to Mr. Goat’s pickle in the bum posts.

    I hurt for months. Ditto on Scout’s advice: Get a pillow, or one of those inflatable ring things.

  5. I fell and broke my tail bone during the fourth month of my last pregnancy. It hurt like hell and I couldn’t take anything for it because of the baby. We were on vacation in Hawaii, out walking on the huge boulders behind our condo. I slipped on a very slippery moss-covered boulder. My ex laughed. He didn’t even help me get up. That hurt more than my tail bone.

    That baby is now 17 and I still have problems sitting for long periods of time and even short periods in certain chairs/seats.

  6. Mr. Rizzuto just told me what the doctor might do instead of take an x-ray. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, and either way it hurst like a bitch. 😦

  7. Hurts like a bitch.

    • the little fluffy cat
    • Posted November 11, 2007 at 9:29 pm
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    Wanda, I’m wondering if maybe one of those micro-pillow things would be better to sit on…or a buckwheat pillow, even. Some of those you can put in a microwave. You can also stuff a pillow-thing with rice and heat it, and sit on that…my bottom’s aching just thinking about it. 😦

  8. Poor thing! Make Mr. Rizzuto go buy you and inflatable donut. It will make sitting easier till you heal.

    I have an extra bone in my coccyx, and have broken it several times. The donut is a life-saver.

  9. Ow…crap. I mean don’t crap. That will hurt more.

    I have a friend who broke hers giving birth to her daughter. She said that her daughter was literally a pain in the ass from the moment she drew her first breath (you have to know both her and her daughter).

    No cure except time (I hear). Here’s to swift flowing days.

  10. How strange. Wenderina’s link above is wonky. I think it is supposed to be: Wenderina.

    (Wanda: please delete this comment if the link is incorrect or inappropriate).

  11. BGG, I beat you to it. I added Wenderina to my blogroll a couple of days ago when she found me on NaNoBloMo. She’s my new soul sister (not to be confused with my new BFF Anners).

    Lucky you Wenderina, BGG is a most excellent fan to have!

  12. If you hit your coccyx, Wanda, that’s a tough one to get over. I once landed on it, on the edge of my aunt’s couch, which had, for some ungodly reason, a huge mahoghany decoration on the end of it. I was drunk, but I was also about 30 years younger. It was five years and many chiropractic visits later where I felt okay. Oh, and I still walk funny.

  13. I checked out Wenderina. She’s pretty cool. She also has some interesting people on her blogroll. Your blogroll doesn’t show up when viewing an individual post so since I decided to click on her link yesterday when I was viewing this post, I had a little bit of a problem to solve.

  14. I didn’t laugh, believe me. I never broke my tailbone, but I fell holding babies–on one occasion, holding one of them and with the other in my belly. No one was visibly broken, but on particularly crazy days, when I’m hard pressed for explanations, I do wonder….

    I hope you’ll recover much faster than the predictions here would have it. 🙂

  15. Thanks BGG (if you don’t mind me jumping right to the nickname. Wonder if this is an indicater of wordpress not liking to send people to blogger. I can’t wait to surf your site…I’ve loved your comments here, so I’m sure we’re sympatico.

  16. trying again…see I was missing the all important // !! in my website field.

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